Chihuahua conquers Chicago

The state of Chihuahua continues with its tourism promotion strategy, marking its presence in key events of this industry, both nationally and internationally

(Source: ¡Ah Chihuahua!)

Such is the case of the recent participation of the delegation led by the ¡ah Chihuahua! Tourism Promotion Trust,
and made up of tour operators, hoteliers and the Barrancas Adventure Park in the call for the US business ecosystem, CCRA Travel Commerce Network in coordination with Federal SECTUR.

This event held last Friday, May 12 at The Palmer's House Hilton facilities in the city of Chicago, Illinois, represented the opportunity to exhibit before a group that aligns more than 7,000 travel agencies that mediate approximately 45,000 tours. -operators, the attractions that make Chihuahua immense.

This is how the Secretary of Federal Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués led the delegation made up of secretaries of tourism and representatives of promotion offices of 10 states of the Mexican Republic to present the seminar This is Mexico.

Chihuahua managed to stand out through a strategy that broke with the protocol format of the 30-minute keynote address, pronouncing itself as an emerging destination that does not have a beach, but does have a variety of ecosystems, landscapes, attractions, and tourist activities that diversify the traveler's opportunity to Live experiences as immense as your imagination.

The above occurred before 300 travel agents and the General Consul of Mexico in Chicago, Exma. Ambassador Reyna Torres Mendivil and the commercial director of CCRA International, Peter Pinccus who will evaluate the tourism potential of Chihuahua as part of a filtering process to specify promotional synergies for the travel consumer in the US market.

This American city as an issuing market becomes important when knowing that, in 2022, 1 million, 503 thousand passengers arrived in our country from this city on 10 thousand 760 flights, figures that represent an increase of 19.3 and 14.3 percent, respectively compared to to 2019.

Chihuahua showed itself as a destination with the capacity to surprise the traveler, being a destination with tourist regions that lead you through climates that constitute different ecosystems that become the setting for unique and diverse stories that are implanted in the traveler's memory thanks to the attention that the chihuahuense provides each visitor.

This promotion day is added to the national and internal promotion strategy coordinated by the Tourism Promotion Trust ¡ah, Chihuahua! by instruction of the Secretary of Tourism of the State Government that, at the impulse of Governor Maru Campos, is aware of the priority that tourism as an economic engine and social catalyst generates for the entity.

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