Tourism in Quito grows steadily

The promotion and renewed offer of the activities, attractions and tourist experiences of the Capital of the Center of the World attract thousands of national and foreign visitors

(Source: Quito Turismo)

The City Council, through Quito Turismo, maintains a strategy of diffusion and tourist promotion of the DMQ in national and international markets. Within this framework, it works in coordination with the local tourism industry to participate in caravans, fairs and events that make visible the lesion and MICE offer of the Capital of the Center of the World.

Thanks to this work, in the year 2022, Quito received 531 thousand international tourists, 89% more than in 2021; and, only on holidays, 817 thousand 636 visitors, 49% more than last year, came to the DMQ and generated an estimated average expense of 63 million dollars, 60% higher than that registered in 2021.

The rebound in tourism is not only reflected in the arrival of national and foreign tourists, but also in the increase in registered tourist establishments, which in 2022 reached 5,485, 13% more than in 2021; from where more than 32 thousand sources of direct employment were created; and it is expected that, with the ordinance approved for the Simplification of the process of obtaining the Tourist Registration, more businesses will be added to the DMQ cadastre. Until the month of April of this year, the tourist cadastre closed at 5,758 establishments.

Other important indicators are the tourism tax, a component of the Single License for Economic Activities (LUAE), which in 2022 reached a collection of USD 1,027,694; exceeding by 47% the amount received in 2021; and the rate of tourist facilities and services, collected by hotel establishments categorized as collection agents per overnight stay, which reached USD 1,307,676, 103% more than in 2021.

To provide quality services to visitors who come to the Capital of the Center of the World, Quito Turismo made an investment of more than 125 thousand dollars in signage and tourist facilities in the Special Tourist Zones of the Historic Center and La Mariscal; Alangasí, La Merced, Pintag, Calderón, Tumbaco; the parishes of the Hidden Route, of the Spectacled Bear Corridor; and the communes of Ilaló.

In addition, with an investment close to 30,000 dollars and through self-management, nearly 200 talks and workshops were given for 5,661 tourism actors on topics such as: Good Manufacturing Practices; Tourist accommodation receptionist; Wedding planner; Barista, among others.

As part of Quito's tourism promotion, the dissemination of informative and promotional content was managed in traditional and digital media, reaching a national News Media Value (MVN) of 35.4 million dollars and 24.4 million dollars internationally.

The MVN is a value that is calculated by multiplying the cost that a space similar to the one published in the media would have to pay for a minimum of 3 readers. (MVN = commercial value x 3).

In this way, Quito experiences a sustained growth in the entry of tourists; creation of sources of employment; generation of resources for the tourism industry and its productive chain; and the positioning of the Capital of the Center of the World as the ideal destination for vacations and to develop events, fairs, congresses and incentive trips.




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