NH Hotel Group stands out for its gender equality policies

At NH Hotel Group, 53% of the total workforce are women, who occupy 48% of all management positions

(Source: Agencia PR)

NH Hotel Group, part of Minor Hotels, owner, operator and investor of hotels, currently with a portfolio of 530 hotels and resorts in 56 countries located in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Indian Ocean, throughout Over the years, it has implemented internal policies and transparency actions in favor of gender equality and the promotion of women within the organization. A fundamental pillar of the corporate culture of NH Hotel Group is also based on diversity, equality and inclusion. NH Hotel Group works under the premise of promoting equality and inclusion throughout the Company, and they have selected KPIs that demonstrate their evolution.

In December 2022, the II Equality Plan of NH Hotel Group was approved with the representatives of the workers, and a Monitoring Committee of the Plan was set up, in order to interpret and evaluate the degree of compliance with it, and to know the development and results obtained in the different areas of action. For the preparation of the Plan, the Company carried out an exhaustive diagnosis of the situation of effective equality between women and men, for which it was analyzed whether NH Hotel Group respects equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace and has
adopted measures aimed at avoiding any type of employment discrimination between women and men. After this positive first evaluation, work was done on an action plan with specific measures in different areas of access to the company, hiring, promotion, training, remuneration, conciliation, occupational health, communication and awareness that allowed the elimination and correction of inequalities in these areas.

For María del Rocío Díaz Director of Revenue Management, BUAM, being part of a Management position at NH Hotel Group translates into: “Responsibility is the best definition of my day-to-day life, since it goes through different aspects: the first because the company place complete trust in my leadership, my experience and decision-making, and; second, because I am also responsible for the good performance of the team to which I owe myself entirely; Since to the extent that the team is strengthened, better decisions can be made and guarantee a great result. Finally, as leaders and mentors we have a responsibility to touch lives when we incorporate someone into the company or who starts in the revenue management discipline because it can be defining as a career in that person's life.”

Currently, 53% of the total NH Hotel Group staff are women, who occupy 48% of all management positions. In 2022, 7,928 new hires were made, of which 53% are women. The Policies and actions related to the selection and hiring of employees are based on criteria of capacity, competence and professional merits under equal conditions, without taking gender into account.

In 2023, for the fourth consecutive year, the company has been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equity Index (GEI) for its commitment to gender equality policies and transparency in its performance as a listed company. NH Hotel Group has obtained a score above the global threshold established by Bloomberg thanks to its commitment and performance in gender equality issues through five aspects. Specifically, the company stood out for its commitment to leadership and female talent, as well as its equal pay and gender parity policies. “In general, we are faced with stigmas on a daily basis
of race, gender, politics or religion, which reinforce equivocal beliefs regarding the possibilities of growing professionally in a company- I can proudly say that, in NH, being a woman has not meant a different or greater effort to become part of a management team. The variables are equitable for men and women and professional work, as well as strategic thinking, are decisive when it comes to reaching management positions. NH works every day to empower all women”, explained Ana María Iregui Díaz,
Commercial Director for America.

NH Hotel Group has become a benchmark in the sector in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion. The recognition by Bloomberg GEI in the last four years shows that continuing with a long-term project of real management of employee diversity in all its aspects and supporting their professional development within the Group is a clear priority for the company.

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