The most important event for hospitality in Puerto Rico was held

The Annual event of the Hotel and Tourism Association was held under the motto: People, Purpose and Passion: The Road to Success

(Source: PRHTA)

The largest event dedicated to hospitality professionals on the Island was held on May 16 and 17, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Hotel in Río Grande.

“We have prepared two days full of activities that will serve and meet the needs of all companies, employees, suppliers and professionals that are somehow related to hospitality in Puerto Rico, with a range of educational workshops, presentations, panels, competitions, events of "networking", as well as the most important award of the employees, supervisors and managers distinguished for their work in the daily operation of the respective organizations belonging to the PRHTA and related ", had advanced the President of the Association of Hotels and Puerto Rico Tourism (PRHTA) Clarisa Jiménez. “We are well motivated with the 35th edition of what we knew before with the Annual Convention, since we see that we have been able to create a space to specify,

Under the slogan People, Purpose and Passion: The Road to Success, the executive announced the relaunch of the Association's flagship certification. The course "Beyond Hospitality: Taking the Art of Service to the Next Level" is the adaptation of the customer service certification created more than 15 years ago for current times, in which Puerto Rico is positioned as a tourist destination of great strength.

"Beyond Hospitality" referred to the fact that service is more than making customers and guests feel good. The course did not seek to provide technical skills, but to break paradigms that may interfere with customer service.

“We start from the premise that good service starts from within: within the mind and hearts of each service provider. Similarly, we are convinced that good service is also sustained by the organizational culture. The focus of the course is also on raising awareness of how companies can create a customer-centric philosophy, starting with a healthy environment for staff, in order to create agile processes and a positive work environment. The course aims to lay the foundations for participants to return to their organizations with a plan that will help them raise service levels and exceed expectations "beyond hospitality" in the different areas of a company focused on today's needs. ”, detailed Dr. Annie Mariel Arroyo, President of Culture to Fit, the company that created the certification. "We seek to inspire and empower participants to take the art of service to the next level, creating a mindset of
hospitality and service throughout the organization, in this world where the genuine connection is an asset and the differentiating ingredient,” said Jimenez.

The event began on May 16 at 9:00 AM, with a panel of investors and business owners from the industry who discussed among the attendees their experiences and future plans. Among the panelists were Miguel Vega, president of HI Development and president of the Board of Directors of the PRHTA; Andro Nodarse, president of LionGrove; José "Pepe" Delgado, Executive Vice President of Interlink; Carlos Amy, "managing partner" of PRISA Group and Jorge Jorge, president of Toro Verde.

In the same way, the day continued with the President of the Board of Directors of the PRHTA Lunch, where the experienced hotelier Miguel Vega reported on the management of the Organization in the past year and where the work and agenda for the benefit of the sector were directed. During lunch special guest Andy Masters presented his talk: How to create true customer loyalty in this new era.

Competitions and business relationships
Likewise, the competitions known as the "Service Olympics" took place from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. A fun relay where the entire hotel operation competes in different activities from those carried out on a daily basis from service. Teams from the main hotels on the Island carried out tasks such as answering questions about Puerto Rico, making the bed with the high standards of the brands, setting the perfect table for dinner, are some of the tasks where they will measure forces. At night starting at 6:30 PM the People's Choice and VIP Cocktail began, a networking event where attendees enjoyed a competition between 15 of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico and the public will vote for their favorite!

The outstanding seminars on May 16 were the following:
From intimidation to inspiration: effective leadership in a post-pandemic world-Alfredo Carrasquillo
Optimizing Digital Presence- Cristina Vega
Wine Seminar with Do Rias Baixa- Rosa María
Seminar on Workplace Harassment and Sexual- Lic. Sarah Chico
Embracing the New Workforce Revolution: Recruit, Retain and Develop- Alfredo Carrasquillo
Embracing the New Workforce Revolution: Recruit, Retain and Develop- Andy Masters
Succession Planning and Talent Development: Building a portfolio of leaders for the continuity and growth of the business- Alfredo Carrasquillo

Important Announcement and Great Celebration of Our Workforce

On May 17, the mayor of San Juan Miguel Romero held a special lunch, where he presented the launch of the brand and tourism campaign that will be implemented in the Capital City.

The exhibit and educational seminars continued on May 17. The following stood out:
Certification- Beyond Hospitality: Taking the Art of Service to the Next Level-Dra Annie Mariel Arroyo
Tourism Quality Seminar- offered by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Human Trafficking, Cybersecurity and Run/Hide/Fight against a active shooter- FBI
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Tourism- Gina Hernández
Tax incentives and impacts of Sustainability strategies in the hotel sector: Challenges and Opportunities- Presented by Kevane Grant Thornton-Jaime Romano, marta Rodriguez and Francisco Luis .
HSMAI-International Association of Sales and Marketing of the Hotel Industry - Growing Leaders Workshop.

The closure of this important celebration was yesterday at 6:30 PM, with the Award of the SuperStars of Tourism. This emotional celebration recognized various tourism professionals on the Island and was presented by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. During this dinner, the best employees, supervisors and managers from the categories of Hotel, Casino, Food and Beverages and Allies of the Organization were also chosen. The partners of the Hotel, Casino, Food and Beverages of the Year and Partner of the Year were also known. The music was in charge of DJ Iván Robles.


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