Year-Round Golf at the beach with Solmar Golf Link

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and one of the needs to enjoy it must be a perfect weather

(Source: Solmar Golf)

Temperature, humidity, wind speed and the sunshine are just some of the factors that can influence directly in a game. For this reason, golfers in general prefer to play in a warm and dry weather, with a moderate climate and just a little wind.

Where should golfers find all those characteristics? At the beach! And of course, in Solmar Golf Links Cabo San Lucas, at Los Cabos, a place that it is possible to play golf during all year thanks to Los Cabos’ 350 days of sunshine and tempered climate of 78 F all year round, ideal for this sport. Although most golfers choose to play in a temperature between 68 and 77 F, as this is a pleasant and comfortable temperature to be outdoors for several hours, others prefer higher temperatures, especially those who are used to playing in warmer climates.

Another important factor is the amount of sunshine. Most golfers prefer to play on a bright, sunny day, as this makes it easier to see the ball and to judge distance and direction. On the other hand, the sun helps keep the temperature comfortable, and it also reduces the humidity in the air.

Solmar Golf Links is considered one of the three Best Golf Resorts in Mexico and Central America - according to Golf Digest magazine in 2023 - offering one of the most outstanding beach golf courses in the world.

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