Bureau de Convenciones also represents Bogota at IMEX in Frankfurt

The Colombian capital enjoys a specific district for events, fairs and conventions, but in turn, it is represented by the Bogotá Convention Bureau, a non-profit entity that leads the promotion strategy of the city as a venue for international events

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Within the framework of the event specialized in MICE tourism, IMEX in Frankfurt 2023, Travel2latam had the opportunity to talk about the culture of the Colombian capital, the main experiences for tourism and the reception of events in the city with Paola Piza Cossio, Manager of the Bogota Convention Bureau .

What is the function of the Bogotá Bureau?

We represent the city of Bogotá in terms of meetings and events, and the public and private interests that have to do with Bogotá and the Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurs. We are here to add value to the district in terms of activities for event organizers and participants, especially in cultural and natural aspects.

Does the Bureau only work with the District of Events, Fairs and Conventions?

The Bureau of Bogotá does not work strictly with the District of Fairs, Events and Conventions, but rather has more functions, among them is articulating the social offer of meetings and events. We work for the entire city and of course for the Fairs, Events and Conventions District, but also for the different hotels that can receive meetings and have an auditorium capacity of 1,800 to 500 people. We also work with the Bogotá airport, food and beverage catering providers, audiovisuals, decoration, registration registration, among others. So our function is to relate to the organizers and provide the city with the different offers for events.

What are the main cultural experiences that Bogotá offers?

From the cultural point of view, we have mapped several activities and attractions. A very classic one is the historic center of La Candelaria, with its old stone streets, churches and museums, such as the Gold Museum and the Fernando Botero museum. Likewise, we offer to climb the Cerro de Monserrate, very famous since it is a religious monument 3150 m from the sea and a place where you have the best panoramic views of the entire city, where you can also watch birds. 

Let's remember that in Bogotá we have more than 600 species of flora and fauna, of which 250 are birds and four are endemic. Our city is surrounded by a lot of nature and 70% of Bogotá is rural, with hills, parks, wetlands, and an hour and a half away from the Salt Cathedral, one of the Wonders of Colombia. Also of course we have local artists, local gastronomy, first class restaurants that are considered at least 10 of the best 50 in all of Latin America. Bogotá is fun for the nightlife, for the bars and discos, with salsa, merengue, cumbia and other rhythms that are typical of the country. Likewise, the city is interesting for shopping and fashion, we also have special fabrics that are in the capital.

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