Turismocity revolutionizes the tourism market with a marketplace for travel packages

On this platform, hundreds of travel agencies, both online and physical, can publish their national and international tour packages

Julian Gurfinkiel, Turismocity (Turismocity)

The travel site, known for its flight and hotel comparator, launched in 2023 a marketplace for travel packages that completely revolutionizes and innovates in the tourist package market, offering an option that has not been seen anywhere else before.

What is the Turismocity travel package marketplace?

In the travel packages marketplace, which can be easily understood as a Free Travel Market, Turismocity allows hundreds of travel agencies, both online and physical, to publish their national and international tour packages on the platform.

In this way, they are given the possibility of reaching millions of users who usually buy their trips online. At this moment there are already more than 25 physical and online travel agencies publishing their packages in the marketplace.

In the words of Turismocity CMO Julian Gurfinkiel:

"The idea arose when we realized that users who search for their trips on the internet did not agree to know all the offer offline and in many cases needed advice in person or in a personalized way, and on the other hand, that travel agencies physical trips were not reaching internet users with their offers, in this way we were able to connect two worlds that were disconnected”

What is the purchase process like in the travel package marketplace?

The purchase process is simple following a few steps.

When a user browses the Turismocity tourist packages section, they will find a wide variety. Using the search engine and the filters you will be able to choose the most suitable one according to your interest.

Then, you must fill in your information and you will be contacted in less than 24 hours by the travel agency to which the package belongs to complete your purchase.

What is the process for publishing agency packages on the marketplace?

The process is very simple, first an analysis of the agency is made, it must meet certain product and customer service standards, once those requirements are approved, the package upload process is carried out on our platform. The agency can choose how many and what type of packages to publish. 

Why buy a package to travel?

Tour packages are very convenient for those who prioritize the comfort of purchasing flights, hotels and transfers in a single purchase, and many times at a more convenient price than paying for them separately.


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