Sixt will add 100,000 electric cars to its European fleet

The German company signed an agreement with BYD, manufacturer of electric vehicles, for the acquisition of the units in the next 6 years

(Source: SIXT)

The rental and mobility company SIXT has signed an agreement with BYD, the world's leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), to acquire 100,000 vehicles for the European market over the next few years. This agreement will allow Sixt to promote electric mobility.

This marks the beginning of an important long-term partnership, driving a shared vision to help accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility, with an initial order from SIXT for several thousand electric vehicles from BYD. This preliminary order is expected to be supplemented by SIXT with another 100,000 BYD electric vehicles over the next six years. 

Promoting electric mobility is an objective that not only the authorities and governments of the European Union have taken very seriously. The work is part of everyone, from manufacturers to customers, including car rental companies. A very important agreement that helps both companies achieve their promises and their goals for the future.

The first BYD units for SIXT will arrive this year, starting with Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with the BYD ATTO3 model.

This initial order is the first step in a "macro agreement" that provides for the purchase of around 100,000 electric vehicles over the next six years. 

Sixt is the first rental company to offer vehicles from this manufacturer, with whom it will explore new opportunities for cooperation in other regions of the world.

Sixt's goal is to electrify between 70% and 90% of its European fleet by 2030, with a wide range of manufacturers and models. To do this, the German company is setting up its own charging infrastructure while its offices and branches will be carbon neutral by the end of 2023.

With more than one million units produced between January and August 2022, BYD is the world's largest vehicle manufacturer in the area of ​​electric mobility.

BYD signed this long-term agreement with SIXT, a leading international provider of premium mobility services. The agreement will run until 2028, and an additional 100,000 BYD electric vehicles are expected to be added to the SIXT fleet over the next six years. A range of high-tech BYD all-electric vehicles will be delivered, with the BYD YUAN PLUS EV being the first model. As the world leader in new energy vehicles, BYD remains steadfast in its commitment to reduce carbon emissions through technological innovation for a greener world. 

For more than a decade, BYD Europe has been a leader in zero-emission public transport, and through this partnership with SIXT now brings its sustainable solutions to the car rental market. 

Although Sixt is used to signing large agreements, this one becomes special because of the objective it seeks to achieve. The company wants to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet, and incidentally gets a very beneficial contract with a partner who is at a crucial moment in its strategy. 

The agreement benefits both parties, and also Sixt customers, who will be able to start enjoying BYD's first electric units later this year.

The contract is valid for six years. BYD has until 2028 to deliver the agreed 100,000 units, and the agreement can be extended at any time with additional deliveries.

The first model in the fleet will be the  BYD Atto 3 . A compact electric SUV that offers 204 horsepower and an approved range of up to 420 kilometers. Before the end of the year, the Atto 3 can already be reserved for a price that according to the company will be very competitive for customers.

In the following months, more units will be added, not only from Atto 3, but also from  BYD Tang  and  BYD Han . The largest SUV and the sedan will be offered in segment D and with autonomy of 400 and 521 kilometers, respectively. At the end of last week we were able to know the prices for sale to the public, Germany, of all the units with which BYD hopes to conquer the market. The cheapest will be the Atto 3, available from 38,000 euros, while the most expensive will be the Han and the Tang, both with a starting cost of 72,000 euros.

Vinzenz Pflanz, Commercial Director of Sixt International said: “With more than one million units produced between January and August 2022, BYD is the world's largest vehicle manufacturer in the area of ​​electric mobility. The BYD deal is an important milestone in fulfilling our promise to put many more electric cars on the road. We look forward to our cooperation with BYD.” 



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