Thailand tourism invests in the LGBTQIAPN+ audience

In the month of pride, Tourism in Thailand held a pre-parade event at Cineclube Cortina in São Paulo

(Source: Divulgação Tourism Authority of Thailand)

Tourism in Thailand held an LGBTQIAPN+ event prior to the show at Cineclube Cortina in São Paulo. On the occasion there were performances by Thai artists Nalintha Kittiwan and Khan Asawin, with traditional songs and dances. The performances brought the mythical characters Kinaree and Thai Angel, from the folkloric roots of Thai culture.

Jeff Santos, from Asia Total and Capital Marketing, has been Thailand's representative in Latin America for 20 years, has visited the country almost 70 times and presented the country's new institutional video. The video makes it very clear how much the country embraces the LGBTQIAPN+ cause, tourism aimed at weddings, honeymoons, groups of friends, the elderly, family and immersion in Thai culture.

"If there is a destination in the world that is similar from the point of view of friendship, openness, closeness, it is precisely, at least in the Asian world, Thailand, which is a country that respects differences," said Jeff Santos. .

Representatives of the LGBTQIAPN+ community were present at the event, such as Ricardo Gomes, president of the Brazilian LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. Fashion designer Walério Araújo, who wore a coat in the colors of the cause's flag. Araújo said he was delighted with the costumes of the Thai performances, which are inspiration for new productions.

Drag queens Savannah Black and Mama Darling were in attendance, as were Thailand tourism officials Nimitdee Sripong, Nuttaya Onniam and Titiporn Menenate, Executive Director of Thailand Tourism in the Americas.

Gay parade in Sao Paulo

The Gay March of São Paulo will take place on Sunday (11), on Avenida Paulista, the first edition was in 1997. 
The event moves hotels, restaurants and attractions of the city in 4 days, on the occasion of the Corpus Christi festival ( 8). In the 2019 edition, the city's economy earned R$ 403 million and received an audience of 3 million people, the 2020 and 2021 editions were virtual, in 2022 the audience was 4 million participants.
The Thai entourage present in São Paulo will participate in the parade.

How did the Gay March start?

In 1967 the Stonewall Inn gay club was inaugurated in New York, in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, the date of June 28, 1969 is considered the first Gay March in the world, it became known as the Stonewall Rebellion, the series of demonstrations in the neighborhood after a police invasion of the club.
The protest had drag queens Marsha P. Johnson as one of its main leaders.

In June, several brands promote the rainbow flag, in establishments and logos on social networks. Created in 1979 by gay activist Gilbert Baker, commissioned by politician Harvey Milk, who was also a leading gay activist.

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