Media and influencers from around the world know Chile

National and international journalists and influencers learned about the benefits of Chile, thanks to an initiative organized by Sernatur, through the brands Chile es TUYO and Chile Travel

(Source: Las Torres Patagonia)

As part of the tourism promotion plan that plans to attract more tourists to Chilean territory, communicators from Chile, Brazil, Spain and France shared through their media the tourist attractions that the country offers.

The regions that they visited were those of Coquimbo, Metropolitana, O'Higgins, Ñuble and La Araucanía, which stood out teaching activities associated with culture, nature, gastronomy, adventure, well-being and astrotourism, experiences that highlighted the diversity of attractions with What does Chile have?

The Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo, highlighted that “promoting national tourism among Chileans and, in addition, the arrival of foreign visitors is one of our priorities as an administration, which is promoted through tourism promotion. That is why these trips are so important, because they help us show the wonders we have and, above all, with the eyes of a tourist through the communicators from Chile, Brazil, Spain and France, who finally deliver the experience to their audience. inviting them to tour the national territory and, therefore, to boost local economies”.

The visit of these media had as great hosts tourism services, restaurants, operators and regional travel agencies, who showed the best of their destinations to the twenty-two travel journalists and influencers who visited Chile last month.

For the national director of Sernatur, Cristóbal Benítez, "with these trips we aim directly at the markets of origin of the media and influencers that visited us, focusing on the experiences that their tourists demand. In addition, in this way we offer the public a fresh look at Chile as a destination, which is out of the usual seasonality, since they got to know the country during autumn and winter”.

Details of the trips
With the purpose of disseminating Chile in international markets, Sernatur organizes trips around the country with foreign press and influencers, who are chosen for the great proximity and strong identification they generate in their public. The media coverage that is achieved makes it possible to make visible the tourist attractions of our territory in the markets defined as priority.

Thus, during June, the Coquimbo Region received two media delegations. On the one hand, between the 11th and 16th, the influencers behind the @welove account on Instagram (Manoela Denardin and Matheus Guarconi) and the UOL and Qual Viagem media, all from Brazil, visited their destinations.

The trip was developed jointly between Sernatur Coquimbo, the Transforma de Corfo program and the Municipality of Vicuña. Likewise, between June 27 and July 1, the gastronomic youtuber Hervé Palmieri, better known as Hervé Cuisine, visited the Coquimbo Region. Both groups lived mainly gastronomy, astrotourism and wine tourism activities, both during their stay in the region and during their stay in Santiago, where they were able to enjoy the attractions of the capital and visit the traditional Yungay, Italia and Franklin neighborhoods, where They held meetings with the entrepreneurs of Factoría Franklin.

“A look back at the good old days of cooking in Chile! Ultra-fresh seafood from La Serena and Tongoy (Coquimbo), the famous pebre sauce with seared tuna, mountain cuisine (bread cooked on firewood and Elqui herb tea), the famous cazuela (complete soup!), Muscatel grape to make pisco!" was what the French influencer posted on his Instagram profile after his trip.


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