Bogotá celebrates the Colombian Independence Party with the best gastronomy

The Basilic restaurant of the Hotel Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia has a typical Colombian proposal in the Barrel Brunch to celebrate this holiday

(Source: Sofitel Bogotá)

The traditional wafers, the Cartagena ceviche, the unmissable ajiaco with chicken or the suckling pig are just some of the preparations that will be part of the Brunch to celebrate the independence of Colombia next Sunday, July 23.

For Nicolas Heftre, general manager of Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia, “we want to show a proposal with traditional Colombian recipes to celebrate this national holiday that is so important to us. Our Colombian chef Néstor Mesa and his kitchen team have managed with this menu to take us on a tour of the different regions of the country through their flavors and gastronomic traditions and that is what we want to convey to our visitors on Sunday, July 23 ”.

For his part, chef Néstor Mesa adds “We have carefully designed this menu to condense in this menu the most symbolic aspects of Colombian gastronomy. Fresh ingredients that we bring from the fields to our table to fully enjoy Colombian flavors”.


As is customary, the Brunch opens its doors from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a tour of Colombian gastronomy and with the new BARREL EXPERIENCE that has been a success at the Basilic restaurant by Colombian Chef Néstor Meza and his kitchen team. In this proposal you will find Roast Chicken with valluna sauce, Crispy pork rinds, Dorada sobrebarriga with peasant sauce, Fish with coconut sauce and Huilense roast.

In addition to the exquisite EGGS TO TASTE station to taste them fried, in an omelette, tortilla, scrambled and poached, among others; There will also be a bar with artisan yogurts with local fruit preserves and homemade granola, natural yogurt and Colombian aromas.

The CEVICHES will be part of the Sunday buffet, where you will find Shrimp cocktail and coastal serum, Ceviche of pork rinds and acevichada onion or hearts of palm, chontaduro and mango. In the Colombian proposal they will be, in addition to blasted potatoes, corn on the cob with cheese and roast meats and vegetables from Santa Fe.

And as a complement, a LOCAL FRIED station with arepas from Boyacá, egg and chocolo with cheese, Empanadas and mixed Carimañolas, Wrapped corn on the cob, Longaniza, Black pudding, Chorizo.

The COLD PREPARATIONS bar has as options Mix of organic lettuce, a variety of tomatoes, pickled carrots, roasted mushrooms, potato salad, carrot, farmer's cheese, capers and guasca vinaigrette, Santander salad, pineapple, cabbage, coconut and raisins, beetroot, potato, tomato and egg, pumpkin, chuguas and peas or mute, pea, tomato salad

And to close the classic Colombian DESSERTS among which are Arroz pudding, Merengón de soursop, Torta de almojábana. Curuba sponge and curd with blackberry sweet.

For those who want to accompany the BRUNCH AL BARRIL with a drink option, an open bar has been set up with Colombian options such as Colombian mimosa, guandao, refajo, as well as other options such as Gin and tonic, National Beers and Natural Juices.

Finally, the barrel station with live cuts will be on our terrace of the Basilic restaurant, enlivened by music that creates an ideal environment to enjoy a Brunch in the best Colombian style.

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