The magic of sound and light shows in Israel

When night falls, some of the historic places in the Mediterranean destination light up with audiovisual projections that are astonishing to the human eye

(Source: Alfabetiko Promotourist)

This summer, Israel will continue to light some of its most iconic buildings and historical sites. At dusk, in some parts of the country, a series of light and sound shows will continue to captivate all visitors due to their colours, sound and spectacularity. These three "shows" are just a sample of the cultural richness of Israel, which, in this way, offers an immersive and dazzling experience capable of recounting its millenary history thanks to the most cutting-edge technology in this field.  

Dusk to Dawn (Masada)

The show of the historical Masada, with the name From Dusk to Dawn, (From sunset to sunrise) offers an unforgettable experience in one of the most emblematic historical places in Israel. It is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, visitors have the opportunity to witness a multimedia representation of the majestic silhouette of the Masada fortress, which will come to a life of its own with one of the largest video mapping shows created in Israel with special lighting effects. The lights are accompanied by a moving soundtrack and choral group. To view it, you have to access through Arad and not from the usual entrance to the Masada park. 

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