Conference of Amérian & Mérit Hotels incorporates artificial intelligence within its main themes

The event took place over three days at the Amérian Buenos Aires Park Hotel and brought together representatives of all the Amérian and Mérit hotels in the Southern Cone, as well as leading experts in the sector

(Source: Amerian Hoteles)

Amérian & Mérit Hotels, held the sixth edition of its Franchise Integration Conference.

In this day of updating, the hotel chain presented innovative proposals in the commercial field. Among them, the new omnichannel commercial platform was highlighted, which promises to streamline and optimize sales processes, providing a more
efficient and convenient experience for both customers and the chain's hotels.

The Amerian Academy also presented innovative training capsules at the meeting that add to the offer of online courses developed by the chain over the last 7 years. These digital trainings are an exceptional tool intended
exclusively for members of the Amérian Chain.

The training platform has been designed to cover a wide spectrum of operational positions in a hotel, and thus provide tools to ensure that all collaborators in the chain have access to the necessary training to perform their duties effectively and professionally.

In short, the new "Amérian Academy" training capsules are a reflection of the chain's ongoing commitment to training and developing its talent.

Among the other presentations we can highlight the records achieved by its website and the Direct Booking Engine; the new benefits for all collaborators in the chain and a new system for operating maintenance management.

The commitment to sustainability was renewed with a talk by Daniela Finocciaro, head of the Hoteles Más Verdes ecolabel. Nicolas Prieto, partner of the Las Heras & Prieto López law firm, provided a space to discuss the challenges in HR management today. Finally, Fredi Vivas, author and entrepreneur in everything related to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, provided his vision of what it represents and how the sector can take advantage of it.

In this regard, the president of the Chain, Roberto Amengual, commented: “There are aspects of service excellence that continue to be driven by essential aspects such as warmth and empathy, among others. But there are other more dynamic processes that have been seen empowered by the strategic use of technology, advanced systems and also with the integration of Artificial Intelligence tools. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence has been especially relevant by automating repetitive tasks, offering immediate answers to frequently asked questions and facilitating informed decision-making. That is why we wanted to present these advances during the conference, with the ultimate goal of improving customer satisfaction, raising our quality standards in the provision of services and staying at the forefront of the industry”.

The celebration of this sixth edition of the Franchise Integration Conference not only provided professional enrichment for all attendees, but also offered a unique experience of coexistence, exchange of ideas and integration between colleagues from different geographical regions.

“The synergy achieved in these three days of shared learning, listened to clients and presented tools gives us great satisfaction. The chain grows stronger with each link we add and this space is also a moment to connect personally,” concluded Amengual.


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