Quiteños enjoyed the best flavors of 'Hueca Fest 2023'

At least 40 thousand people attended during the four days of the gastronomic event

(Source: Quito Turismo)

With the massive presence of visitors, the gastronomic and cultural fair 'Hueca Fest 2023' was held, which brought together the best of the country's traditional gastronomy at the Centro de Eventos Bicentenario, north of Quito.

This activity that took place from August 10 to 13, was attended by at least 40 thousand people who found a wide and varied proposal of traditional food from all regions of Ecuador and other countries such as: Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

The fair had the participation of 150 stands, including food outlets and businesses that offered their products during the four days of the event. Preliminary data shared by the Association of Hollows of Ecuador show that each stall sold, on average, three thousand dollars. Additionally, it is estimated that at least one million dollars was registered by economic generation of the fair, which includes the entry of attendees, sales for each location, assembly and disassembly, artistic presentations, among others.

Hueca Fest also had the participation of at least 30 artistic groups that flooded the meeting with music and joy, which the public was able to attend along with their pets as it was a pet friendly event.

The Huecas Association of Ecuador was in charge of organizing the Hueca Fest 2023, which had the support of Quito Turismo, a company that is part of the capital's Municipality and is interested in promoting gastronomy as one of the main attractions of the city.

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