Pernambuco launches Summer 2024 campaign in São Paulo

The Brazilian state whose capital is Recife, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Petrolina, the district of Porto de Galinhas, has the carnival of Olinda, which is among the four most important in Brazil, among many other attractions

(Source: Mary de Aquino.)

Pernambuco has a strong air network, as it borders the states of Paraíba, Ceará, Alagoas, Bahia and Piauí, which also strengthens road tourism.

On Thursday night (18) the delegation from Pernambuco landed in São Paulo, the chosen location was Villa Bisutti Tenerife in the Vila Olímpia district. During the evening, sparkling wine and typical dishes from Pernambuco were served, as well as the very traditional roll cake.

The most used phrase of the night was: “The most beautiful beaches in Brazil”, often uttered by Daniel Coelho, Secretary of Tourism and Leisure of Pernambuco and Eduardo Loyo, president of Empetur (Company of Tourism of Pernambuco Governor Eduardo Campos). Both spoke with Travel2Latam.

Check out the interview below:

Travel2Latam: Pernambuco has a very important nature tourism, how to reconcile with environmental preservation?

Daniel Coelho: Pernambuco is a destination today that goes beyond the sun and sea tourism that is present throughout the Northeast. It also has a very large cultural baggage, in addition to adventure and environmental routes. So there is an effort by everyone in the government to promote traditional Sun and Sea tourism along with gastronomy, cultural tourism and environmental tourism.

So, today we have an adventure tourism route with waterfalls and trails, not only on the coast, but also inland. So, there is a process of interiorization and appreciation of our areas of environmental preservation.

Fernando de Noronha is undergoing important interventions in its requalification and planning so that we can preserve it, perhaps it is the noblest destination in Brazil, there is a joint effort, the government working across the board - Secretariat of Tourism, Secretariat of the Environment Environment and the government as a whole to serve the tourist well, preserve the environment and provide security.

Travel2Latam: What is the strategic plan for the state's campaign for the summer of 2024?

Daniel Coelho: We are in the process of requalification of our road network, which is extremely important for tourists who come to visit our state, during this summer period we will have a more distinct structure to receive tourists, with qualified and bilingual police, all of that. it is part of actions that are not only actions to promote the Secretariat of Tourism itself, but actions of the government as a whole, understanding the importance of tourism to economically leverage the state.

And within the sunshine itinerary, we obviously begin the opening of the heat and summer, but it is during this period that we will have the carnival, and the New Year's Eve, which takes place with great force on our south coast, on our north coast and in Fernando de Noronha - which also has one of the most famous New Year's Eve parties in Brazil. So this is a period in which we will provide infrastructure and support for the events that take place.

Carnival in Pernambuco is the time of greatest movement of tourists in the state, we have a Carnival that is not restricted to the four days of traditional festivals, New Year's Eve has passed from the 6th of January, it's a feast of kings, carnival acts Pernambuco. From then on we have previews in several places in the state. Olinda in Cidade Alta, starts every Sunday with the carnival movement. It is worth noting that for those thinking of visiting Pernambuco and who may sometimes have some difficulty with time, Carnival lasts the entire month of January and February.

Travel2Latam: Where are the people who most visit Pernambuco today from, how have you been investing in markets?

Eduardo Loyo: Since the beginning of the year in Raquel Lira's government, the Pernambuco State Tourism Secretariat and EMPETUR have been trying to publicize Pernambuco and its differentials, going after the issuing public.

Argentina is in first place, then the state of São Paulo, and in third place is Uruguay. We have been trying to publicize Pernambuco's differentials in relation to other states in the Northeast. What we came to promote in São Paulo capital for travel operators, airlines and the press is our summer plan for Pernambuco, which starts now in September and runs until a little after Carnival. We came to show the particularities of our people, our culture and gastronomy, and also show that we have the infrastructure to receive tourists.

Travel2Latam: Is Pernambuco an expensive destination for travelers?

Eduardo Loyo: Pernambuco has an option for every taste and price. So, we have high luxury resorts in Porto de Galinhas, for example, as well as in Porto de Galinhas, more viable options for people who have a slightly lower purchasing power. Some tours with transfer, and some more comfortable conditions, or even on foot. They have buggy and raft rides that are accessible. In the Catimbau Valley, there are more popular tours along ecological trails in the municipality of Buíque, adventure tourism, rural tourism, which is free, and in some stretches have a small symbolic value.

On the north coast there are beautiful beaches and the oldest church in Brazil is in Igarassu, these religious tourism visits are free. The sanctuaries of Cimbres and Pesqueira. Pernambuco offers options for all social classes.

Travel2Latam: Pernambuco has established itself as a wine tourism destination, which regions can tourists visit in search of good wineries?

Eduardo Loyo: Yes, it is in the city of Lagoa Grande, in the greater Petrolina. We have great wineries there, like Rio Sol, which is nationally renowned and today belongs to a Portuguese group. There is another winery in the rural area of ​​Pernambuco, in the municipality of Garanhus, Vale das Colinas, but this is not to be confused with rural tourism, in rural tourism we have farm hotels, there are ecological routes and adventure tourism. As I said, in the Catimbau Valley, in the municipality of Bonito, which is also in the rural area of ​​Pernambuco, there are waterfalls and other options for rappelling, all of which would also be adventure tourism.

Travel2Latam: Many destinations have invested in tourism for the LGBTQIAPN+ public, especially for the luxury market, has Pernambuco invested in welcoming them?

Eduardo Loyo: Pernambuco also participates and promotes LGBTQIAPN+ tourism, we recently had an LGBTQIAPN+ tourism fair in Rio de Janeiro.

Love Noronha is a festival that has been taking place for many years in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, promoted by Maria do Céu, who is nationally renowned in this sector. It is now that it will be next weekend in Fernando de Noronha. So it's a very important audience for Pernambuco, which we've been working to grow this inclusive tourism more and more and bring more people to Pernambuco.

Reporting and photo: Mary de Aquino.

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