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The Colombian capital has several areas that definitely make it unique

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Neighborhoods, streets, towns, that offer Bogotanos and travelers the possibility of gradually discovering the history of a city full of hidden treasures for more than 500 years, because it is true that the founding of the country's capital is identified in 1536 but it is no secret that long before it was a Chibcha and Muisca settlement, so that old Santa Fe de Bogotá has its roots even deeper.

And in that melting pot of tales accumulated over the centuries, the country's capital vibrates from south to north; it grows, develops and offers an immensity of options to locals and strangers. It is there where the town of Chapinero is shown in all its splendor. Bohemian, cultural, integrating, inclusive, gastronomic, partying, hard-working, vibrant. It is perhaps the only town in the city that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with activities for all tastes permanently.

Bogotá is lived from inside the streets of Chapinerunas!

Chapinero is a neighborhood with a life of its own that transforms, at night it changes its suit and offers an even broader offer to those who come to the city to see the capital of Colombians.

“Our strategic location allows us to be an excellent option for those who come looking to live true experiences within the city; get to know it from its streets, its shops, its squares and stores" says Yessica Perez Serna, Operations Manager of the ibis Budget Bogotá Marly hotel, "We are unique, we live and feel the city 24 hours a day, we enjoy it and we try to make our guests feel that experience, that experience from the moment they arrive at the hotel”.

Culture, color, graffiti. Street art at ibis Budget Bogotá Marly.

At ibis Budget Bogotá Marly, guests definitely feel that they are in the center of a world-class capital. The hotel from its façade intervened by important urban artists tells a story to the visitor and makes them part of that urban culture that through color, lines, art, seeks to express stories, feelings, emotions. With 120 rooms, ibis Budget Bogotá Marly, operated by HGM Hotels, is part of that urban environment that identifies chapinero and, at the same time, stands as a meeting point, a resting place for those who "dare to live Bogotá from within."

“Our graffiti are an artistic demonstration, a reflection of the streets of Chapinero and its street art which is integrated into the design and architecture of the building in its facades, setting and interior decoration, providing a modern, more urban, more experiential style. ”comments Yessica while talking about an almost absolute recovery in hotel occupancy levels, which exceed 75 percent on average and who recently took on the challenge of managing the capital hotel in recognition of his work and career with the Accor chain.

What to do in Chapinero? Unmissable plans!

Hotel ibis Budget Bogotá Marly recently completed 2 years of operations and little by little it is becoming the ideal place to live a typically Chapinero experience, in the very soul of Bogotá. For this reason, he prepares an activity guide to start this unique experience for his guests:

Of rumba

The "chapineruna" offer is very wide... there is something for all tastes and for all budgets, shops and old neighborhood jukeboxes, going through places specialized in salsa, crossover, tango, mariachis, even the widest and most recognized LGBT scene in Colombia and which is recognized worldwide on a par with neighborhoods such as crooked in Madrid, Le Marais in Paris, Soho in London or Castro in San Francisco. They are streets and streets where nightlife lovers find the perfect space for fun, partying and good drinks.

Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes

Neo-Gothic in style, it is the second most traditional and important Catholic religious center in Bogotá. Nestled in the square that bears the same name, in the heart of Lourdes, it is a beautiful monument that reflects those traditions and culture of the city that remain in force. Its construction dates back to 1875. It is one of the most attractive cultural and social meeting points in the city.

Shopping at 13

Traditionally, 13th Street has been a place of reference for purchases for the people of Bogotá. For those from the north, those from the south, those from the west. Being a large financial, office, and gastronomic center, the commercial offer is also incredibly high. In its trade it is possible to find even a thread, the Bogota grandmothers would say. From well-known brand stores to outlets and discount and bargain stores, whose national products promote local commerce and industry. It is also common to find sales and street stalls.

"The Seventh"

Es uno de los planes por excelencia de los bogotanos. Los domingos en ciclovía, entre semana, por las tardes, buscando en dónde tomarse un buen café colombiano. “El septimazo” consiste en recorrer caminando toda la avenida séptima desde la calle 26 hasta la calle 72. Es un excelente plan para los viernes o los sábados en la tarde, con amigos, en compañía, disfrutando del clima otoñal de la ciudad. Y si llueve, no hay de qué preocuparse, seguro encontrará lugares en donde “escampar” y tomarse un buen chocolate santafereño con almojábana, un tinto con panela u una buena cerveza artesanal bogotana. Eso sí, sin olvidar que las noches comienzan y terminan en hotel ibis Budget Bogotá Marly.

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