Aruba launches its podcast "I Promise To Be Happy"

The podcast invites users to catch up with their lives, through an exquisite sound tour of the Happiest Island in the world

(Source: Aruba Tourism)

Looking for a way to convey what the essence of Aruba is, the effect it causes on travelers and exploring new communication formats, the Aruba Tourism Office in Latin America presents its podcast 'I Promise To Be Happy', which is now available at all platforms such as Spotify and Spreaker, in order to listen to it on the podcast platform that users like best.

This podcast has original sounds from Aruba obtained with the ambisonic technique to give listeners greater enjoyment and so they can perceive the island in a more real and relaxing way, which is why it is recommended to listen to it with headphones.

'I Promise To Be Happy', invites people not to put aside their dreams and to find a way to catch up with those promises that will make them happier, through an exquisite sound tour of Aruba.

"Every day we want to explore new formats to reach more people and to know the charm of Aruba, which is why we saw a great opportunity in the podcast, not only to promote the destination, but also to invite people to catch up on those dreams that you have postponed for some reason. The game of sounds generates a sensation of relaxation and teleportation to the beaches, landscapes and other attractions of the Happy Island, we are sure that this is an inspirational project that will awaken all the senses of the listeners”, says Jordan Schlipken, director of the Aruba Tourism Office in Latin America.

In the podcast episodes you will be able to explore experiences and sounds of Aruba on the best beach in the Caribbean, Eagle Beach, music that highlights the culture and sounds of restaurants to imagine gastronomy inspired by more than 112 nationalities, messages from locals who speak 4 languages , Spanish, Dutch English and Papiamento.

The podcast also features interviews with locals and people who have visited Aruba to share their experience and see why, yes, it is the Happiest Island on the planet.

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