Halal Tourism: Embratur and the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce meet to expand business in the sector

President of the Agency, Marcelo Freixo, intends to bring the two countries closer together and attract investment for tourism

(Source: EMBRATUR)

The president of Embratur, Marcelo Freixo, and the CEO and secretary general of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Tamer Mansour, met this Tuesday (5th), in Rio de Janeiro, to expand partnerships aimed at halal tourism. 

Halal tourism covers tourist destinations prepared to receive the Muslim traveler, respecting the rules and customs of the Islamic population. It is a segment that takes into account issues such as times for prayer, hygiene that must be done before prayer, the need to face Mecca when praying, fasting during Ramadan, among others. 

For the Agency's president, Marcelo Freixo, halal tourism is one of the most promising in the world. “With this partnership, we want to bring the Arab world closer to investments in the tourism sector, such as hotels and aviation. And, consequently, increase the number of tourists in that region, which represents about 72 million tourists in the world. We are very interested in this market, as it is a great opportunity for Brazilian tourism companies”, commented Freixo. 

The CEO and Secretary General of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Tamer Mansour, believes that the joint efforts of both countries will generate good results for both cultures. “We are honored to establish such a promising partnership. I am sure that, with Embratur, we will have a much expanded partnership in the promotion of destinations”, he concluded.

On the 23rd and 24th of October, the “Global Halal Brazil Business Forum” will be held, bringing together experts and players from the halal market in Brazil and the world at the WTC Events Center, in São Paulo.


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