Iberostar Foundation and Planeterra team up for community tourism

Iberostar Foundation and Planeterra are allied and the agreement aims to collaborate for the social and economic development of the local communities where Iberostar has a presence by 2030

(Source: Divulgação Iberostar)

Source: Diário do Turismo .

Through the Iberostar Foundation, the Iberostar Group signed an association agreement with the community tourism network Planeterra. The ambitious program is also focused on boosting the social and economic development of the local communities in which the Majorcan hotel group operates. At the same time, it aims to protect its ecosystems.

Through this association, Iberostar and Planeterra have set themselves the goal of providing community tourism experiences to more than 955,000 potential travelers. In addition to involving 35 communities, improving the lives of more than 13,000 people and putting 36 projects in motion in the coming years. Furthermore, the Iberostar Group plans to expand this pioneering project to all regions where Iberostar hotels are present before 2030.

This initiative also makes Iberostar an international reference in responsible tourism due to its care for the environment and people. In addition, it is developing in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Even in these destinations, Iberostar has 18 hotels and resorts.

Executives comment on partnership

According to Alejandro Borrás, Director of the Iberostar Foundation, “As part of our commitment to generating a positive impact on people's lives and their environment, through responsible tourism, it is essential to support and involve local communities, making them actively participate and thus contribute to improving the living conditions of the people who are part of them. In this way, the alliance with Planeterra allows us to contribute to their empowerment and integrate them into the value chain of the tourism sector”.

Furthermore, Jamie Sweeting, President of Planeterra, states that “This association with Iberostar is a shining example that inspires the entire tourism sector and the hotel industry”.

And he adds: “While the large hotel chains have not yet adopted the integration of local communities, this project stands out for its true impact. With the potential to replicate this model in 16 countries and 100 hotel properties, Iberostar has the power to transform countless communities. It is extraordinary to imagine the positive impact that could be achieved if other hotel chains followed and adopted this transformative focus.”

Iberostar Foundation and Planeterra team up: 1st project deals with the conservation of cenotes in the Caribbean

Iberostar started its first community tourism project in Mexico, where it operates 11 hotels located in Cancún, Cozumel, Riviera Maya and Riviera Nayarit.

This action enabled the Caribbean community of Chemuyil, in Quintana Roo, to be involved through the Bejil-Ha Riviera Maya cooperative. It was originally created by seven young locals committed to the conservation of more than 50 cenotes in the area. As well as the protection of the native flora and fauna of the Yucatán Peninsula.

In fact, this initiative, developed entirely in the vicinity of the hotels, benefits more than 30 local families. In addition, it promotes awareness and conservation of the territory. This action is also based on exclusive itineraries, away from popular tourist circuits, and invite travelers to explore the community and its natural environment accompanied by local guides. To provide a unique and immersive cultural experience with visits to cenotes, bicycle tours and tasting local cuisine.

Iberostar Foundation and Planeterra join forces: crafts and cocoa in the Dominican Republic

In order to integrate community tourism experiences into the hotel sector, the Iberostar Foundation and Planeterra have developed a model to promote these actions not just outside their resorts. But also inside hotels.

This is the case of the Iberostar Costa Dorada hotel, in the Dominican Republic. It hosts two associations in its facilities. In turn, they offer resort guests a weekly immersive tourism experience with the local community.

Furthermore, inside the hotel, guests have the opportunity to learn about the cocoa cultivation process and the making of chocolate. This is possible thanks to the El Chocal cooperative, which is made up of thirty local women from Altamira, Puerto Plata. Furthermore, this project helps more than 200 farmers and their families.

Likewise, there is an action with the Petrified Wood Craftsmen Association (Asoartep), originally from the Dominican town of Imbert, also in Puerto Plata. Through the Association, hotel guests will be able to witness, interact and learn about local woodcarving techniques. In fact, this is an activity that benefits more than 250 families in the community.

Importance of these actions for tourism and communities

Thanks to these initiatives, Iberostar guests can purchase products and handicrafts from the local communities where Iberostar operates. In addition, they are usually found outside the conventional tourist circuits. This in turn sensitizes visitors to protecting, conserving and nurturing the local economy.

Through this alliance, Iberostar and Planeterra demonstrate that large hotel chains can make a difference and promote tourism. Thus, as a catalyst to promote the well-being of communities. In addition to protecting the environment and celebrating culture and traditions.

Source: Diário do Turismo .


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