Minute consumption on travel sites and apps increased by 84% in the last two years

Comscore carried out a study on the behavior of travel site audiences in the region and found that Argentines spend more than 400 million minutes on travel sites and apps per month

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Comscore, a leading internet marketing research company in the region, studied the behavior of audiences in Argentina and prepared a new report with the latest digital trends in the tourism ecosystem in the country. The report revealed that, in the two years that followed the beginning of the pandemic, Argentines increased their consumption of minutes on travel sites by 84% - the equivalent of 205 million minutes increase if we compare February 2021 with February 2023. . Argentina's online tourism sector has a reach of 48% of the country's total digital population, which is equivalent to 17 million connected people in February 2023.

Regarding the consumption of digital content by Argentines, a multi-platform and exclusively mobile trend is observed that is replicated in most countries in the world. Particularly in Latin America, markets with exclusive audiences are mainly mobile or multi-platform access. Argentina is the country in the region with the most multiplatform consumption in the region: it represents 56% of total consumption in December 2022. A much higher percentage than Brazil and Mexico, where multiplatform access represents 27% and 33% of the total , respectively.

In the last year, around 7 million Argentines per month accessed travel agency sites to buy air or bus tickets, while between 2 and 5 million - monthly average - did so through travel agency sites and apps. transport companies directly. The “airlines” category increased its unique visitors by 29% between February 2022 and February 2023, while land transportation sites, such as Central de Pasajes or Plataforma 10, increased by 6%. However, this last travel subcategory had an average of 1.6 million more unique visitors than airline sites and apps during the last year.

In Argentina, travel information sites and travel agencies have similar audience sizes (approximately 8 million people per month) and have more than 76% of their audience exclusively mobile. TripAdvisor, the platform that offers travel reviews and recommendations around the world, often leads the category in the region's markets, and Argentina is no exception. In the country it has 3.5 million unique visitors and Voydeviaje.com follows as a direct competitor.

It is important that companies in the tourism sector keep websites and applications updated, with relevant information and intuitive navigation. Competition is high and time is short, so the experience must be instantly satisfying.

Regarding social networks, 9% of the 35.2 billion social interactions recorded by Comscore in Latin America in 2022 occurred within the framework of the tourism and travel industry. The study identified 15.4 million cross platform interactions referring to the “travel” category in Argentina. In travel profiles, the social network that generated the most interactions last year was Instagram, with a share of 78.54%, compared to 9.86% and 11.59% for Twitter and Facebook, respectively.

In this scenario, influencers play an increasingly important role in the Argentine media and social networks ecosystem. Of the 874 million interactions recorded by Comscore in February 2023, social media influencers were responsible for 36.48%. Collaborations with influencers, combined with the use of Reels on Instagram, can achieve high levels of interaction and brand awareness. Short video formats are especially effective at generating engagement and increasing brand awareness. Partnering with relevant local influencers can enhance these types of strategies.

Such was the case of the PreViaje tourism pre-sale program, which had audience peaks on its site in December 2021 and September 2022, accompanied by dissemination strategies through association with influencers.

The growing interest of Argentines in tourism is evident in the significant increase in the consumption of travel sites in the last two years . Multiplatform access is a growing trend in Argentina, which opens a range of opportunities for advertisers. With the increasing competition in today's markets, marketing specialists will have to adapt to the preferences and behaviors of Argentine consumers, especially in the digital sphere, to take advantage of the full potential of this thriving national tourism industry.

Source: Comscore.

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