Strong increase in local transfers for National Holidays

All interregional trips have experienced a notable increase compared to the same period last year

(Source: Assist Card)

Just as Brazil, Argentina and Peru are the main destinations chosen by Chilean travelers who want - and can - leave the country for the National Holidays, there are others who prefer to celebrate on national soil. Interregional transfers are multiplying for these dates and more in 2023, as is evident from the figures.

According to Assist Card statistics, all numbers have increased compared to the same period last year. In this panorama, the favorite places to travel are Santiago, Concepción, Puerto Montt and Easter Island.

For example, during the last 28 days, inquiries about traveling to the capital by air were around 100,000. This represents 34% more compared to the same period in 2022.

The other three places mentioned each had about 30 thousand requests for information for plane tickets. An increase of 22% stands out for going to the Biobío Region, while it is followed by an 11% increase for Los Lagos and 9% for Rapa Nui.

Other cities that appear in the data provided by the travel assistance specialist company are Iquique, La Serena, Arica and Temuco. All of these were consulted by around 20 thousand interested parties.

Renzo Caldarella, Direct Sales Manager of Assist Card, calls to take advantage of the benefits of our territory on this Creole date. “It is an ideal time to travel through Chile. Although this does not involve going abroad, it is just as important to make it safe  with national travel assistance that very well complements the limitations of the pension system when we are far from home ,”  he concludes.

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