Bern Hotels & Resorts makes a strong commitment to the MICE segment

Within the framework of the Seventh Edition of the Sustainable and Social Tourism Summit event held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Travel2latam spoke with Ludy Guerra, Congress Director of the hotel chain

(Source: Travel2latam)

How do you describe the current situation of the company, what innovations have been made in the properties and how has the sales evolution been?

One of our largest hotels is the Westin Playa Bonita, we have implemented nature conservation, and we are making progress in terms of sustainability, we have our own gardens, which are used for our guests' meals and we also minimize food waste in all Our hotels are nine, apart from that conservation of the environment and also of oil. In Panama, it is the only hotel that uses oil to provide energy to the laundry. In the sales part, there are low and high seasons but Westin Playa Bonita is a hotel for large events in Panama, it is a unique Resort with 611 rooms and this year it has had an interesting average occupancy.

What is the experience of hosting an event at your hotel?

The experience is spectacular, clients feel at home because everything is integrated there in the same hotel. When the client holds a conference, they do not want the participants to travel to do other activities and here they can ensure that everything is integrated into the same conference. And the ocean view, the green part, the entire Westin Playa Bonita experience is spectacular.

What was the forecast for this year and when will September arrive in terms of meeting that goal?

September is going to be one of our best months, this year we are going to have almost 80% occupancy in September, which we did not expect. In Panama there will be a conference of 12,000 people and Westin has one of the largest numbers of rooms, and we also have a great diversity of markets and conferences, American incentives and with the help of Promtur we are working to make the meetings industry grow more every day .

Would you like to comment on the other properties?

The Bern Resorts group in Panama has 9 properties, 4 IHG hotels, Intercontinental Miramar, Crowne Plaza Panama and Aeropuerto, and we have Holiday Inn Panama, all of which are corporate, and Marriott, for example, we have Westin Playa Bonita and Westin Panama. We also have Le Meridien, and finally the Gamboa RainForest Resort hotel, which is a spectacle, where you can see the boats passing by, with a butterfly garden, a frog garden and great experiences to live there.

This hotel is one of the most beautiful in the city, because it is in the entire Panama water conservancy, which is 3700 hectares of conservation, we have many visitors from the United States and Panama because they want to see the RainForest, which is located only 40 minutes from the city. And in Panama you have everything, city hotels and hotels on the green and natural side of the region.

What capacity and disposition for an event does Gamboa RainForest have?

The Gamboa RainForest has 156 rooms and has meeting areas with 11 spaces including 6 meeting rooms and 137 hectares of Protected Areas in the heart of the Soberanía National Park. 



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