Puerto Rico, the international destination guest of honor in the 43rd version of the ANATO Tourist Showcase

Between January and July 2023, 8,791 Colombians have left for Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico, considered one of the jewels of the Caribbean for its incredible beaches, tropical forests and rich cultural heritage, will be the international guest destination of honor in the 43rd version of the ANATO Tourist Showcase that will take place on December 28, 29. February and March 1, 2024, a commercial event that, since 1982, has been consolidating itself as the most important tourism event in Colombia and a benchmark in Latin America.

“We are very happy to receive the news that Puerto Rico has been chosen, for the second time, as the international guest of honor destination. It will be an excellent opportunity for visitors to the Showcase to learn about all the tourist offerings that this incredible place has,” commented Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

For his part, Carlos Mercado Santiago, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, indicated that, “We are extremely pleased that Puerto Rico has been selected as an international guest of honor destination for the forty-third edition of ANATO. The Government of Puerto Rico continues to make efforts to expand Puerto Rico's presence in the Latin American market and this recognition provides an excellent forum to publicize the unique qualities and excellence that we offer as a leisure and business destination."

Based on data from Migration Colombia, ANATO estimates that between January and July 2023, 8,791 Colombians have left for Puerto Rico, which means that compatriots see the island as one of their favorite destinations for their vacations. The demand for travel between both destinations has resulted in an increase in flight frequencies between the cities of Bogotá and San Juan and the creation of a route between Medellín and San Juan.  

ANATO calculated that, in August 2023, there were 11 weekly frequencies between Bogotá and San Juan, which is 7 more frequencies than those registered in the same month of 2022.

“We believe in the great potential that Puerto Rico has and we are convinced that the Tourist Showcase will be an ideal space for the different actors in the tourism industry to get to know this Caribbean destination, in addition to strengthening binational ties, encouraging the opening of new routes. and the operation of more air frequencies is improved,” said the union leader.

Puerto Rico, a magical destination full of history.

Considered the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico is known throughout the world for being a tropical paradise that combines beautiful white beaches and exotic nature with colonial architecture that is more than 500 years old.

Among its most striking tourist attractions is visiting Old San Juan, a place made up of cobblestone streets, lined with colorful houses and old castles that dazzle all its visitors.

Its ecological destinations also stand out, such as the exploration of caves, waterfalls, islands, natural slides, parks and its forests loaded with fauna and flora. In these places, tourists can carry out different sports and recreational activities.

On the other hand, Puerto Rico offers its visitors the possibility of taking cruises, sailing on sailboats and taking boat excursions around the island.

“Without a doubt, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer tourists and will surely become a place full of business opportunities. For this reason, the ANATO Tourist Showcase will be ideal for this destination to position itself as one of the most important in the region,” concluded the executive president of ANATO.

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