Termatalia Uruguay 2023, declared of Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay

The 21st International Meeting on Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness will be held between October 4 and 6 in the thermal departments of Salto and Paysandú

(Source: Expourense)

The Ministry of Tourism of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay has just recognized “Termatalia Uruguay 2023” as an Event of Tourist Interest that will benefit the country's tourism and thermal sector. The 21st
International Meeting on Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness will be held in the thermal departments of Salto and Paysandú between October 4 and 6. This is the fifth edition of the fair in Latin America after the editions in Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. In all these countries, its organizers have said that the
celebration of Termatalia in their country represented “a before and after in the development and promotion of its thermal resources.”

During the official presentation of the event in Uruguay, held in July, the Uruguayan Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, highlighted the importance of this country hosting Termatalia and offering learning and development opportunities in health and well-being tourism in the region. Termatalia Uruguay was presented as one of the major
tourist events and fair events that will be held in this country during 2023 and the recent recognition as an Event of Tourist Interest accredits it.

This event is an excellent opportunity to position yourself as a health tourism destination. Uruguay has everything it needs to position itself internationally as one of the great thermal destinations in Latin America. The reasons are that its waters emanate from the Guaraní Aquifer System, one of the most important water resources on the planet due to its dimensions, quality and temperature of the waters.

Throughout its 21 editions, Termatalia is an event that has proven to be of interest to governments that are committed to positioning themselves as thermal and health tourism destinations and this is evident in the recognitions it receives such as, for example, being considered , depending on the country of celebration, as Event of

National Tourist Interest, of “Parliamentary Interest” or the power to use one's own “country brand”. In 2014 it was held in Termas de Río Hondo – Santiago del Estero – Argentina and it was an event that marked, as indicated by the Minister of Tourism of the Nation at that time, Enrique Meyer, “a before and after in the development of thermalism in Argentina". In 2016, it was held in Coahuila-Mexico and the Undersecretary of Tourism of the State at that time, Alfonso Rodríguez Garza, indicated that “Termatalia has marked a new era in the development of thermalism in Mexico.” For its part, when Termatalia is held in Ourense (Spain), it obtains recognition as an International Trade Fair granted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain. From Expourense,
of the country's thermal destinations.

Professional Actions
Uruguay will become the epicenter of international thermalism for three days, bringing together professionals from twenty countries. The main professional actions will be related to business and specialized training. The first will materialize through the celebration of the Tourism Contracting Workshop in which international tour operators will participate and will hold meetings with the destinations present at the meeting from countries such as Chile, Argentina or Spain and, of course, from Uruguay itself.

Termatalia Uruguay's professional training will come through the IV International Congress on Water and Health, which will have the participation of more than 40 experts from Spain, Argentina, the United States, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Uruguay. It will also include a joint session with the European Spas Association, ESPA, which brings together spas from 20 European countries.

This meeting will be divided into several specialized sessions that will address thermalism and health care from different perspectives: Medical Hydrology; Pharmacology; Esthetic; Thermal Consulting; Thalassotherapy; Quality; Investigation; Business experiences; Tourism Marketing or Presentation of Public Policies related to thermalism.

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