Brazil receives more than 4 million foreign tourists until August

In eight months of 2023, the arrival of visitors from abroad represents 111% of the total registered in the whole of last year

(Source: EMBRATUR)

More than 4.020 million international tourists visited Brazil between January and August 2023. The number recorded in just eight months represents 111% of the total for 2022, which reaffirms the sector's recovery trend. The data was updated and released this Thursday (14) during the launch of the “Tourism Data Portal”, created by Embratur's Information and Data Intelligence Management to provide more transparency and agility in the dissemination of international tourism figures in the Brazil.

“These are positive international tourism numbers in Brazil that are in our Embratur Data Panel. Each tourism manager now has the possibility of diagnosis and planning based on this information, bringing greater efficiency to the sector. When we qualify the information, we help municipal secretaries, city halls, governments and the entire tourist trade”, stated the president of Embratur, Marcelo Freixo.

In August 2023 alone, 365,000 international tourists arrived in Brazil – a number 39% higher than August last year. Argentines (1.4 million), Americans (436.5 thousand) and Paraguayans (289.7 thousand) are the three main nationalities that visited our country from January to August this year.

In relation to entry gates, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro lead the ranking of receiving visitors from abroad among Brazilian states in 2023. Until August, the main access route used by foreigners was air (2 .4 million), followed by land (1.4 million) and sea (87.4 thousand).

The source of the data is the Federal Police, with processing by the Ministry of Tourism and dissemination by Embratur. Access the portal at

Data intelligence
From now on, three panels are available for consultation, through the website The first monitors the arrival of foreign tourists in Brazil, with data from the Federal Police. Among the main features and searches that can be carried out are:

– Total number of tourists who entered Brazil from 2018 to 2013 and by state;
– Origin of visitors (by country, continent or access route);
– Ranking of the main countries sending foreign tourists to Brazil;
– Ranking of the main entry points for foreign tourists in Brazil;
– Access to historical monthly and annual comparisons and by State.

The disclosure of this data is just the beginning of Embratur's strategy of providing transparency to international tourism information. The Agency's Information and Data Intelligence Management plans to launch, in the coming months, other tools that will provide details on consumption and air travel profiles of foreign tourists to Brazil, such as, for example, advance ticket purchase, the motivation for the trip and the means of purchasing tickets, the stay and duration of the trip for foreigners in Brazil, and the connections used by international tourists before reaching the final destination.

Source: Embratur.

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