Nuno Jesus, CEO of Ameris Hotéis, talks about the expansion of the network

At the 60th Equipotel, Nuno Jesus spoke with DIÁRIO DO TURISMO about international expansion, VII Independent Hotels Forum and the position of Ameris Hotéis as the 2nd largest hotel chain in Brazil in terms of number of hotels

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By ZAQUEU RODRIGUES. Source: Diário Do Turismo.

Ameris Hotéis, a chain of independent hotels founded in 2018, achieved the position of 2nd largest hotel chain in Brazil in terms of number of hotels – it has more than 400 projects in the country. This is what the yearly study Hospitality in Numbers Brazil 2023, recently published by the consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, revealed.

In five years of operations focused on independent hotels, Ameris Hotéis already has 440 hotels spread across Latin America, Africa and Europe. Nuno Jesus, CEO of Ameris Hotéis, states that the expansion is a consequence of the consolidation of a project developed in a gradual and flexible manner.

At this 60th Equipotel, which runs until September 22nd at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, Diário spoke with Nuno Jesus. Attentive to the news and launches at the fair, Nuno noted that the edition is bigger and has new exhibitors. According to the fair's organizers, this year's edition has 50 new exhibitors.

Nuno Jesus works for Equipotel with his eyes drawn to technological solutions and partnerships aimed at independent hotels. “This visit to Equipotel has been very positive. I’ve already found interesting things and seen many possibilities for partnerships.”

The CEO of Ameris Hotéis understands technology as a key to expanding connectivity in hotels. “We have to be connected to several players. We look at technology from this connected and integrated perspective. Everything that facilitates the guest journey must be in a single touch, in a single click”, he emphasizes.

The executive celebrates its position as the second largest hotel chain in the country in terms of number of hotels. “We are gaining more and more customers and more hotels. And with that, this second place crowned our work and showed that we are on the right path. We are delivering what the market needs.”

Entry into the USA
After rapid expansion in its five-year history, the independent hotel chain is preparing to expand its international presence, now in the United States market. Nuno adds that it is a natural step prepared in recent years. “We will start with Florida, the Orlando region, and then the USA in general”.

“Today we have more than 440 hotels in our portfolio. We are present in 7 countries – Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and Angola. The North American market is large and we are taking a step towards conquering this market. The technology we use is already ready to be used in the United States”, says Nuno.

Nuno says that there is a partnership company in the USA that works to promote the brand and sell the chain's products. “It’s one thing to have a beautiful product, and another thing to sell in a new market, as each market has its own dynamics. That's why we're coming in with someone who experiences this new market. Very soon we will have the hotels defined.”

Independent Hotels Forum
The CEO of Ameris Hotéis is also working on preparations for the 7th Brazilian Independent Hotels Forum, which will take place on October 17th in an online format. The event held by Ameris Hotéis features a selection of lectures and panels about independent hotels. “It’s an event focused on knowledge”, defines Nuno.

The 7th Forum is inspired by the theme Competitive intelligence – strategic positioning for your hotel. “The objective of the Forum is to provide information to the independent hotel industry about market segments, distribution channels, online reputation management, sustainability and financial management”, says Nuno.

Source: Diário Do Turismo.

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