La Torre Resort already exceeds targets set for 2024, and invests in new sales technology

Intense and innovative experiences offered to guests are the measure of La Torre Resort All Inclusive, which reinforces its nature as an authoritative accommodation facility

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By: Cecília Fazzini – Special for DIÁRIO DO TORISMO

Dedicated exclusively to leisure, one of the bets is the diversification of attractions and services, a way of going beyond the sun and sea proposal, despite its strong foot-in-the-sand attribute. In the last quarter of the 2023 financial year, La Torre Resort All Inclusive – located on the seafront, in Praia do Mutá, in Porto Seguro (BA), has already registered a historic record, boasting an occupancy level between 87% and 88%, with a forecast of reaching the 90% mark on the cusp of the new summer season.

Luigi Rotunno, CEO of La Torre, attributes the results, which anticipate the goals set for 2024, not only to the vigorous resumption of domestic tourism which, according to him, benefited the resort segment across the country, but above all to the experience aspect. And add to this, according to his observation, the characteristic of a hosting facility with genuine appeal, “which has had this authorial profile since its inception”, highlights Rotunno, which helps to justify the success and public loyalty to the product , basically made up of families. In the most recent and accurate measurement, the executive also identifies growing demand at La Torre from young couples with young children under 6 years of age, who currently account for 50% of the resort's occupancy. “It is an audience that travels by itself,

Sensory experience
The idea, according to the director of La Torre, is to overcome fields such as gastronomy, which in the case of the resort is being renewed and exceeds expectations, but which, in his opinion, is no longer capable of guaranteeing the surprise factor that the customer search. The objective is to promote all types of sensory appeal, to culminate in guest satisfaction, provided with exclusive activities. “From July to October, for example, we have whale watching in the coastal region of Bahia, however our guests are transported on the resort's own boat, which enhances the tour experience”, says Rotunno.

Other attractions such as ballooning, in the months of August, follow the same intimate trail; technological clubs, in September; breakfast, lunch and supper on the heights – an elevated platform erected to promote the aforementioned experience with a privileged view, in the month of December and various interactive activities, which make up the year-round calendar at La Torre. The property offers a private beach club, with all-inclusive food and drink services, shows, DJ and themed events in an exclusive program. And in a large green area, the Park Lounge, one of the main symbols of leisure in the resort, gastronomic, artistic and cultural fairs take place.

The resort's structure focused on fun and well-being has 6 swimming pools - of which the central one has a heating system, 2 restaurants, 6 bars, a pizzeria, a burger restaurant, a theater and an adventure circuit (tree climbing). There is also a SPA, beauty salon, boutique, orchid garden and organic vegetable garden.
“What is valuable for La Torre is designing activities and spaces to bring families together. We think of attractions for parents and children to share compatible or similar experiences in our physical area”. In the executive's opinion, in general, vacations or extended stays are intended for this interaction, as most parents work full time and, during their leisure time, prioritize contact with their children.

Personalized and renewed structure
Constantly renovated environments use local labor, from the most detailed infrastructure care to the creation of decorative items. Rotunno emphasizes that more than retrofitting, the concern is with the redesign of the resort's wings, currently underway. For this type of revitalization, even the lighting fixtures, walls, coverings, as well as furniture and other items receive regional inspiration, handed over to the creativity of nearby artisans, who use rustic techniques and materials. This way of remodeling the resort's environments, using the crafts and production methods of the community surrounding the resort, has been in practice for two years.

“Far beyond the retrofit, we redesign all wings and accommodation categories, with local labor and craftsmanship”, Luigi Rotunno, CEO of La Torre Resort.

The executive says that the renovation is aimed at the 260 existing units in La Torre, distributed across 7 categories. Last year, attention turned to luxury accommodations and, this September, upgrades to the 80 standard apartments are being completed.

But if in the management of accommodation facilities the item trained and qualified people is an asset for some and a challenge for others, at La Torre the combination of training and motivation of the team is effective. Rotunno states that the concept of experience, to receive guest input, is largely based on the quality of the resort's team, tailored to the model that cannot be replicated or merged with another operation or business philosophy, conclusion: a resort copyright.

“Resorts must increasingly take control of their sales”, Luigi Rotunno, CEO of La Torre Resort

Cutting-edge technology pointing to the future.

Rotunno confirms La Torre's interest in increasingly speaking directly to its customers and prospects. In this route, technology appears as an ally and comes to cover a gap that the executive sees in hotel projects: the lack of systems that, operationally, speak the language of the segment.

The solution aimed at increasing the scope of the resort's sales journey came with the know-how of developer YaaYoo. The investment made by La Torre in the latest version of the tool was R$2 million.

“We cover 100% of the reservation sales process with an integrated system like no other and we have made direct sales our main channel”, reveals Rotunno. He highlights that, through this platform, the travel agent can also register and close a deal with La Torre. And it continues with the recommendation that resorts should increasingly take control of their sales.

The vector of environmental and social responsibility
Linked to commitment actions in the environmental and social fields, La Torre joined the UN Global Compact in the middle of this year, considered the most relevant voluntary corporate sustainability initiative in the world. Since 2021, the resort's ESG Strategic Committee has been driving transformation and fostering innovation to embrace initiatives towards responsibility in these fields. “Adhesion to the `Pact gave light to what we were already doing”, considers Rotunno, who highlights that conscious consumption actions and care for the Planet are also identified by the guest, capable of distinguishing the seriousness of a lodging facility with a project consistent in this field.

Among the permanent investments in ESG, the executive highlights the newest project, the inauguration this month of a photovoltaic plant – 200 meters from the resort's headquarters – with generation of 1 megawatt, which will be capable of supplying 40% of the energy consumed. The remaining 60%, according to Rotunno, will come from the acquisition of clean energy from third parties. Another recent measure to make energy expenditure more judicious, the heating of the water in the central pool is carried out by recovering the hot return air from the development's air conditioning system.

“The guest recognizes the enterprise's actions aimed at caring for the environment”, Luigi Rotunno Regarding the strategy adopted with recyclable waste, an innovative alternative highlights La Torre in the region that the enterprise occupies on the coast of Bahia. In addition to raising awareness and motivating resort employees to also carry out selective collection in their homes and deposit domestic waste at the eco point, installed in the resort area, this dumping site is also open to other accommodation facilities in the surrounding area, which want to adopt the same routine.

Source: Diário Do Turismo.

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