Air Canada will acquire 18 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners as part of fleet renewal and fuel efficiency

This is a firm order for 18 aircraft and 12 options; with first delivery scheduled for late 2025

(Source: SGR Comunicaciones)

Air Canada confirmed a firm order with Boeing for 18 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft. Delivery of the new equipment is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2025 until the first quarter of 2027. They will be used to replace older, less efficient wide-body aircraft currently in Air Canada's fleet. The agreement also includes options for 12 additional devices of the same model, which will provide flexibility for growth to meet future customer demand.

"Air Canada has made investing in the passenger experience a key priority. Our experience shows that customers greatly enjoy flying on the Dreamliner, so we are pleased to offer them a larger version of this popular aircraft, which will debut a new state-of-the-art cabin interior design. Most importantly, the 787 is highly fuel efficient and will generate operational savings while supporting our sustainability goals of emissions reductions," said Michael Rousseau, President and CEO of Air Canada.

Air Canada currently operates 30 aircraft of the 787-9 version and eight of the 787-8 version of the Dreamliner, with two more 787-9 aircraft scheduled for delivery from a previous order. The 787-10 is the largest model in the Dreamliner family and can carry more than 330 passengers depending on seating configuration, and has 175 cubic meters (6,187 cu ft) of cargo volume. The Dreamliner provides exceptional passenger comfort with enhanced cabin pressurization and humidity controls, and the largest adjustable windows of any commercial aircraft. According to Boeing, the 787-10 has up to 25 percent fewer fuel emissions per seat than the plane it replaces.

Fleet renewal
The acquisition of the new aircraft is part of an ongoing fleet renewal program at Air Canada. The airline continues to receive new Airbus A220 aircraft, as well as plans to acquire 28 Airbus A321neo extra long range (XLR) versions, also starting in 2025. Additionally, as previously announced, Air Canada has finalized a purchase agreement for 30 ES-30 hybrid electric aircraft in development by Heart Aerospace, expected to enter service in 2028.

The order announced with Boeing for Boeing 787-10 aircraft replaces a previous agreement to purchase two Boeing 777 cargo aircraft. In total, Air Canada currently operates approximately 240 aircraft in its main fleet and that of its subsidiary Air Canada Rouge.

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