Tourism Personality Skål 2023, celebrates highlights of Brazilian tourism

Skål Internacional São Paulo awarded in the categories: operator, aviation, destination, events, press, hospitality and corporate mobility

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The Grand Mercure Ibirapuera hotel was the stage for what was called the “Magic Night of Tourism”, with the presence of a professional magician last night (25).

It is worth remembering that in 2022 Skål Internacional São Paulo honored 13 women in tourism at the Bourbon Street Music Club. The president of Skål Internacional São Paulo, Walter Teixeira, president, said that it was only fair that this year the Personalities of Tourism paid tribute to the men of tourism.

Toni Sando, executive president of Fundação 25 de Janeiro - São Paulo Convention and Visitors Bureau - Visit São Paulo, was one of the first to speak at the event. For the two hundred people present at the awards ceremony. He said that for there to be an increase in the flow of visitors to the destination you need to have money, without it there is no promotion, that he is just an executive paid to do this, who needs the contribution of businesspeople in the sector to develop actions and projects to promote São Paulo.

The winners

In the operator category, Aldo Leone Filho recalled his father's contribution to Brazilian tourism, when he founded Agaxtur Turismo 70 years ago.
With his children present, he received the award from presenter and wife Patty Leone. 
Aldo Leone Filho joined Skål when he was 20 years old, the last sentence of his speech was spelled out by Skål, as the members express themselves.

"Life races and I am part of this race", said Aldo Leone Filho during the thank you.

In the aviation category, Eduardo Bernardes from Gol Linhas Aéreas left the airline last month.

"I'm going through a transition, but tourism is part of my life and I believe in the power of transformation of tourism, especially for people", he reflected during his acceptance speech for the award.

Bruno Wendling, president of Fundtur, the tourismologist from Belo Horizonte, who changed the direction of tourism in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, highlighted the fact that 23 years after receiving his diploma, seven of them at the Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Foundation, he looked at audience and see his teachers present there, celebrities of Brazilian tourism, who he always admired, participating in this recognition of his work, which was an honor.

Paulo Ventura, superintendent director of Expo Center Norte and UBRAFE - Brazilian Union of Fairs and Business Events, spoke of the excitement of being one of those honored by the Personality of Tourism Skål 2023.

Bahian Luciane Leite, based in São Paulo for 20 years, is now the executive secretary of the São Paulo State Tourism Secretariat, and was invited to present the press award to Caio Luiz de Carvalho, executive director of Grupo Bandeirantes and the Canal Arte, praised his colleague - "Caio Luiz de Carvalho is a leader who motivates us to do for him", said Leite.

João de Nagy, Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel received the Skål 2023 Tourism Personality award in the hotel category.

The corporate mobility trophy was presented to Jamyl Jarrus, executive director of sales and marketing at Movida, at the hands of the grande dame of Brazilian hospitality, the Japanese-Brazilian businesswoman, Chieko Aoki, founder and president of the Blue Tree Hotels chain.
"Brazil is a welcoming destination, where people take care of tourism like Jamyl Jarrus", said Aoki.
Jarrus commented on the challenges of moving people, but that he found Movida to be a fruitful environment, with the possibility of changing destinations, and the way people move in tourism and in everyday life.

The biggest tribute of the night went to 
Eduardo Sanovicz, former president of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur) and the Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear), who passed away on September 2nd and dedicated 30 years of his life to tourism.

Skål Internacional operates in 75 countries, with more than 12 thousand members connected and aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Check out the list of winners:

Agency/Operator: Aldo Leone, Agaxtur Viagens;
Aviation: Eduardo Bernardes, Gol Linhas Aéreas;
Destination: Bruno Wendling, Mato Grosso do Sul; 
Events: Paulo Ventura, Expo Center Norte
UBRAFE - Brazilian Union of Fairs and Business Events;
Major Press: Caio Luiz de Carvalho, Rede Bandeirantes; 
Hospitality: João de Nagy, Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel;
Corporate Mobility: Jamyl Jarrus, Movida.

Source: Mary de Aquino.


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