Panama is promoted as a destination at the Motivation Luxury Summit in Costa Rica

The FIEXPO Exhibitions Group event is taking place in Guanacaste offering great business opportunities, networking opportunities and social activities in the incentive segment

(Source: Travel2latam)

In the context of this event, Travel2latam spoke with Guillermo Vargas Rivera, Group Service Manager of Promtur Panama.

What has the experience been like participating in an event like this?

It is truly an honor for Panama and Promtur to be here at the Motivation Luxury Summit. FIEXPO Exhibition Group has definitely shown that these types of events help destinations connect with suppliers. Of the thirty meetings that we have had, the vast majority have really had a lot of interest in our country, certain opportunities have arisen that we are going to continue with and without a doubt I believe that this helps us to be able to function in Latin America in general as the ideal place to incentive groups.

What has been the feedback that you get from here specifically about the Panama convention center and the connectivity that you have?

I believe that our country, as many people are aware, has something unique that we are considered the Hub of the Americas, and once again we can demonstrate that Panama is the ideal place. We have great ability and attractions that can undoubtedly be offered to all these meeting planners. We have the Convention Center with a capacity of up to 23,000 people and that is why we made an alliance carrying out three consecutive years, which is why on June 11 and 13, 2024 we invite you to come once again to FIEXPO and enjoy with Panama everything we can offer.

What are the news about the MICE sector?

Panama is trying to position itself as an ideal place for associative events. We recently launched, decided and are working hard to create the Hub Association in our country, thus being the ideal place for associative groups, working together with private companies.

What news is there regarding hoteliers?

We are working together as a country. Right now we have a Panama Vive Por Más tourism brand, which is the umbrella to continue encouraging tourism. The hoteliers are working closely with us, participating in these events and soon at IMEX Las Vegas, preparing with a quality team willing to offer the best services in Panama.

How is the promotion year going?

IMEX Las Vegas is one of the fairs that we should be at, not only as a position for the country, but because there are a large number of buyers there to follow up and also to be able to position ourselves and open our eyes to the fact that in this case Panama has everything. that we can offer. We are not only going to be at the fairs but we are also going to be participating as speakers in large fairs, showing ourselves to all the young people who come with new ideas and with the objective of being able to communicate to them that Panama is, how Panama is working to Within the next few years, be seen as a sustainable country offering quality services, carrying out what is our tourism brand Panama Vive Por Más.

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