Study reveals data on the preferences of travelers in the Caribbean and Latin America

According to the survey conducted by Marriott International, almost 4 in 5 people consider travel to be a priority for their personal budget in 2024

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On the occasion of World Tourism Day, Marriott International today presents the preliminary results of its annual study on travel trends in the Caribbean and Latin America. Over a period of almost a month, from August 14 to September 8, 2023, the market research company IPSOS collected information from 1,781 people in five key countries in the region to learn more about their interests, habits, destinations. favorites and what influences their decision process when traveling.

The data obtained provides an in-depth analysis of emerging trends in the world of travel, providing crucial insight for Marriott International in its continued commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its guests. From the way travelers choose their destinations, to the experiences they value most during their stay, the data revealed becomes an invaluable resource for the tourism industry and all those interested in the trends that shape the future of the sector in this vibrant region.

Travel as a priority

77% of those surveyed said that traveling will be a priority in their personal budget in 2024. Likewise, two out of three respondents expressed that taking time to travel is more important than ever, a percentage that rises to three quarters in the Baby Boomer generation. Likewise, 63% said they plan to take a vacation to prioritize their health and well-being.

However, when asked how they currently prioritize travel in their spending, only 27% of respondents expressed that they consider travel a priority and save money for that purpose.

How often do Latin Americans travel?

According to the results of the study, of all the people contacted, a notable 54% chose to take at least one trip within their own country during the last year, while 32% ventured into international trips.

Of those who claimed to have traveled in the last 12 months, 45% occasionally undertook national trips, making between 2 and 3 trips per year, while 15% traveled internationally on more than 4 occasions per year.

The study highlights that 1 in 4 respondents choose to take vacations within their country for a week, a figure that drops slightly to 22% when it comes to vacations abroad. Likewise, more than a third (32%) of those surveyed stated that they usually take international trips of two weeks or more.

How do you decide and book?

Almost half of those surveyed (47%) plan their trips between 2 and 5 months in advance. Millennials stand out here, who are more given to spontaneous adventures and of which 24% plan their trips less than a month in advance. In contrast, 56% of Baby Boomers plan between 2 and 5 months in advance.

Regarding the factors that influence the decision to travel, for travelers from the Caribbean and Latin America, the three most important are competitive prices and discounts, followed by all-inclusive plans, and positive reviews and recommendations. Marriott International brands and properties offer the variety, places and experiences that are important to Latin American travelers and constantly seek to offer their guests more personalized options for all types of travelers, and the results of this study allow the chain hotel company continue to offer experiences that fit your preferences.

Traveler preferences:

As for destinations, travelers from the Caribbean and Latin American region prefer places that allow them to be in the center of everything so they can go out and see and be within walking distance of tourist attractions (47%), beach destinations to relax and enjoy (43%), and urban destinations with leisure and entertainment areas nearby (33%). When reviewing these preferences from a generational point of view, Baby Boomers prefer central places (53%), while members of Generation Z prefer small towns with typical food and activities (33%).

Specifically speaking of the Caribbean and Latin America, the most important decision factors for choosing a destination were beaches and relaxation (44%), cultural attractions (42%) and local experiences and gastronomy (38%). For generation X, however, one of the most important factors is a destination that allows activities with the whole family.

The study results allow Marriott to reinforce its vision of offering the right property in the right location to all travelers. The largest hotel chain in the world, and the one with the greatest presence in the region, Marriott has almost 500 properties in 37 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, represented in 87,000 rooms.

The final results of the travel trends study, which will include a specific section on how travelers who are part of the LGBTQ+ community travel and what they prefer, will be announced during the annual convention of IGLTA, The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association that will take place place in Puerto Rico between October 4 and 7.

Source: Marriott International.

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