New NASA Welcome Experience at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

A tour of NASA history for the whole family: past, present and future

(Source: TM Americas)

On October 18, the Kennedy Space Center Vistor Complex officially unveiled the new Kennedy Entry Experience, an exciting upgrade to the visitor entrance plaza that wows everyone as soon as they begin their journey. Sponsored by SNA Displays, the LED spectacular features a 3,000-square-foot video screen that tells the story of NASA: past, present and future, with eye-catching technology that makes images appear to jump off the screen.

The inspiring six-minute video, which plays continuously throughout the day, sets the tone by featuring former President John F. Kennedy's famous "We Choose to Go to the Moon" speech, as well as iconic artifacts that guests will encounter during their visit, moments in history that changed space exploration forever and glimpse the future. In addition to featuring custom immersive content, live streams and event announcements, the Kennedy Entry Experience is also connected to the emergency system to alert visitors of severe weather conditions.

In the future, this screen will have the ability to broadcast releases and special events.

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