Guanacaste Airport donates high-tech equipment to low-income schools

The donation will be made through the Growing Together Foundation. Delivery will be up to 60 monitors and 70 CPUs

(Source: Guanacaste Airport)

Guanacaste Aeropuerto, a member of the VINCI Airports network, will donate technological equipment to low-income Guanacaste schools, through the Growing Together Foundation.

The donation of 60 monitors and 70 CPUs will be made through the Crezando Juntos Foundation. The foundation, in turn, will transfer them to educational centers with technological limitations in the area of ​​influence of both entities.

The Growing Together Association is dedicated to promoting and channeling social investment actions, in education and health, that seek the well-being of people and the transformation of Guanacaste communities.

According to the XVII Report on the State of the Nation, in Guanacaste there are 119,327 people in poverty, out of a total of 316,634 inhabitants and an unemployment rate of 9.6% (compared to a rate of 7.5 in
terms national), which makes it a province with social needs.

In the field of education, the State of the Nation Report highlighted that 88% of the population under 5 years of age does not attend daycare or preschool (27,999 children).

“At Growing Together, we have worked in recent years, promoting access to technology in our circle of influence, with different projects in educational centers and with the recent opening of the new community technology HUB
. Continuing to add allies to these efforts is of great value to communities. We thank the Guanacaste Airport for donating the computer equipment they are replacing, 60 computers and 70 CPUs in perfect condition, which will help solve different technological equipment needs of different entities,” said Elsa Bonilla, Fundación Crezando Juntos.

“At Guanacaste Aeropuerto we are committed to providing a positive impact as is the motto of VINCI Airports in all the territories in which it operates. That is why we decided to give a second functionality to these 130 computers, which are in optimal condition, and donate them to the Crezando Juntos Foundation, who will make them available to low-income schools in our province and thus strengthen the educational tools of Guanacaste students," he said. César Jaramillo, General Manager of Guanacaste Airport.


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