Four scary destinations to enjoy Halloween

Assist Card, a leading company in the market, presents the best cities to live a day of “terror”

(Source: BMR)

Halloween is a date that is characterized by costumes and decorations. On October 31, many tend to dress in “terrifying” outfits to enjoy an experiential night, whether on the streets or at parties.

However, others choose to take that experience further afield, specifically to places where Halloween is the big annual event. Below, Assist Card, a leading travel assistance organization, presents the best cities to experience a day of fear.


The Halloween festival is of Celtic origin, a people who settled in Northern Ireland. Therefore, this city in the British country takes you to the roots of this celebration, an ancient pagan festival held 2,000 years ago called “Samhain”, to commemorate the beginning of winter and the end of the harvest. The best event in Europe will take place in this city between October 27 and 31.


The famous medieval castle of Count Dracula is located in this historic region of central Romania, which is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The mythical character of the Irish writer Abraham Stoker was inspired by Vlad the Impaler, prince of Wallachia between 1456 and 1462, and national hero. The place celebrates Halloween with a special night tour and an immersive party.


Located in Massachusetts, near Boston, in the United States, this place is associated with witches. In fact, the night of October 31 can be spent at the house of the Sandersons, the trio of sisters who were burned at the stake in 1693, located in the woods. There is also a Witch Museum in the city and a night tour of the cemetery is also offered.


The ritual for the dead was very important for the pre-Hispanic indigenous people of Mexico. For this reason, a special holiday is celebrated in this state to this day, which is reflected in the emotional animated film “Coco.” More than nights of terror, on November 1st All Saints' Day is celebrated, dedicated to deceased children, and on the 2nd All Souls' Day is celebrated, in honor of adults, remembering them with joy and painted faces.

Since these destinations are distant and have high costs, Assist Card recommends traveling with a minimum coverage of 150 thousand dollars. “To experience a night of 'terror' typical of Halloween and also with the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected, we consider traveler assistance that provides immediate response 24/7 essential,” comments Renzo Caldarella, Direct Sales Manager of Assist Card Chile.


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