Costa selects SITA to optimize flight & cruise connections

SITA, the leading IT provider for the travel industry, is collaborating with Costa Cruises, the Italian cruise company, to mitigate costly travel disruptions

(Source: SGR Comunicaciones)

By providing accurate real-time flight updates through a cloud-based application equipped with an intuitive user interface, the operations team can link each flight to the associated vessel and booking codes.

These updates are essential to achieve better connectivity, which allows for more efficient management of operations.

Costa Cruises, part of the Carnival group, offers its passengers "Fly & Cruise" packages that cover both dedicated charter flights and scheduled flights. 

The updates provided by SITA's Flight Monitoring Solution enable Costa Cruises' Operations Control Center (OCC) to optimize the guest boarding and disembarkation process, while improving movement planning and flight assignments. crew. 

In situations where flight cancellations or delays occur, this updated real-time data is crucial to quickly coordinate passenger transfers to the next port of call, minimizing associated costs and ensuring a high-quality guest experience. 

At the same time, it facilitates the timely disembarkation of passengers, allowing them to fully enjoy their time on board, while optimizing airport transfers for Costa Cruises.

The app uses Sita's Flight Global APP and offers direct integration with airlines to benefit from real-time updates for both scheduled and charter flights.

Massimo Callegari, Director of Guest & Corporate Travel Service at Costa Cruises, highlighted the importance of having a provider capable of providing accurate and timely flight updates through a cloud-based solution with an easy-to-use user interface and seamless integration with airlines.

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