Aromas and colors in the flavors of Yucatán: craft beer

Yucatán, in addition to having great natural settings, is the owner of a vast gastronomy and endemic ingredients, which have served to give rise to extraordinary creations in both dishes and drinks

(Source: Festival Gastronómico de Yucatán)

It is no secret to anyone that Yucatán is one of the hottest destinations in Mexico, surrounded by almost 400 kilometers of paradisiacal beaches that make up the Yucatán Riviera, mangroves that provide home to hundreds of species of birds that adorn them with their plumage. Surely, with all this description, the desire to travel to Yucatán has been born in your heart and with it the desire to refresh yourself with an exquisite craft beer. 

The brewers of the entity have taken advantage of some of the most characteristic flavors of the region to make unique drinks, and here we share some with you so that on your next trip you can be captivated by their flavor.

With a flavor of Yucatán - Esmeralda Brewing 
This brewery emerged with the purpose of promoting the coast and tourist attractions of Yucatán through the flavors of sour orange, paying tribute to the Yucatecan culture, both in image and in flavors and aromas. Well, the sour orange is a typical citrus fruit of the state , which is characterized by being a fundamental part of the regional gastronomy. The unique aroma of this fruit is incorporated into the flavor notes of the beer, which combines perfectly with the body. and golden color of it. Currently, this brewery has three lines of beer, called: Celestún, Coloradas and Oasis, ideal to accompany, from a seafood ceviche to a delicious cochinita pibil. 

The pleasure of doing it yourself - Alux
This brewery of artisanal producers offers a wide variety of drinks made from local ingredients such as  ramón (Óox), tobacco (K'úuts) and honey (Kaab) , one of the great attractions of this brewing house is about being able to participate in the entire brewing process, starting with the grinding of the barley, until the bottling of the beer, so that in the end you can take home a batch made by yourself, in addition to that during your visit You can enjoy a small tasting of them, accompanied by six delicious traditional snacks.

Simple and refreshing - Flappers
Since 2018, this brewery has been in charge of offering a high-quality product, based on Yucatecan flavors such as Oxkutzcab orange, lime, bread, caramel and toasted or chocolate flavors, all of which take into account It is common to be ingredients with high aromatic notes that are easy to identify, which are perfect for pairing seafood and red meat.

As you are, there are many more options to enjoy and what better if you do it during the Sabores de Yucatán Festival to be held from November 16 to 20, that way, it is possible to take advantage of the activities that this event will have, many of them open to everyone. public. To do this you can consult the complete agenda at, and plan a delicious stay in the entity and a refreshing tour of the most emblematic breweries. 

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