City of Buenos Aires on´s list of global trend destinations for 2024

The list is made up of some little-known to emerging cultural capitals. In addition to the Argentine capital, there are, among others: Beppu (Japan), Mérida (Mexico) and Portland (USA), among others

(Source: ENTUR)

Traveling brings out our best version; the one that we didn't get to fully explore at home. According to new annual travel prediction research from, 83% of the travel community feels more alive than ever when on vacation*, this is because people switch off of autopilot and They discover a better life, whether relaxing in cooler climates, dedicating themselves to culture or cycling along winding and unknown streets.

While the passion and desire to travel is a very personal thing, analyzed global booking trends** to share next year's top destinations and help people feel the thrill of travel.

In this study, the city of Buenos Aires was ranked among the 10 trending destinations, globally, to visit in 2024. The country's capital is in a boom moment among tourists from all over the world, among whom it is famous for its excellent food, good wine and fine arts, all framed in a striking combination of street art and tango. For lovers of good food, new gastronomic concepts appear that serve traditional food with futuristic touches. Without leaving aside street food, travelers can enjoy trendy vegan bakeries, or authentic dishes from native peoples. In the neighborhood of La Boca and more precisely in Caminito you can taste the most traditional barbecues, in a colorful and lively environment. Beyond the passion that characterizes it, there is much to see and do in the city of fury. Lots of free activities, from a host of art museums to the impressive Ecological Reserve.

According to, the 10 trend destinations to discover in 2024 by world travelers were**:

Beppu, Japan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vlora, Albania

Merida, Mexico

Portland, Oregon, United States

Valkenburg, Netherlands

Chemnitz, Germany

Rotorua, New Zealand

Panglao, Philippines

Cairns, Australia




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