During FESTURIS, the 1st Carbon Inventory of Saint Andrews Castle is launched

The Zero Carbon Neutral, ISO for ESG Program of the Hotel Castelo Saint Andrews will include the planting of 200 trees from the Atlantic Forest, 100 seedlings will be planted in the castle itself and another 100 seedlings will be donated

(Source: Mary de Aquino.)

On the morning before the opening of the exhibition at Serra Parque, where Festuris is held, on November 10th, businessman Guilherme Paulus opened the garden at Castle Saint Andrews to plant the first seedling that symbolizes the beginning of his management in ESG - Certified with the granting of the Prima Climate Consciousness Seal, awarded by international organizations, by OCRE – Association for the Valorization of the Environment, Heritage Culture and Leisure, from Portugal, and by the Latin American movement SIMAAS – Sistema de Integração Municipal América Área Sul.

Paulus, said that identifying is the first step for companies to realize how much they impact the environment and finding strategies to contribute to combating climate change is an obligation for companies and added that he hopes that his attitude infects all other hoteliers in the region .

The Hotel Castelo Saint Andrews' Zero Carbon Neutral, ISO for ESG Program will include the planting of 200 trees from the Atlantic Forest, 100 seedlings will be planted in the castle itself and another 100 seedlings will be donated.

It took 10 months to work with GESCAP – High Performance Management and Training and OSCIP Prima Mata Atlântica and Sustainability, with the approval of GBV – Grupo Brasil Verde, IFEC – Inter-American Institute for the Promotion of Education, Culture and Science, Coalition Brazil – Climate , Forests and Agriculture, ACA – Alliance for Climate Action and REBIA – Brazilian Environmental Information Network.

Training employees, implementing technology, and understanding that luxury has to do with well-being is the entrepreneur's objective in implementing actions under the Carbon Neutral program.

The trajectory and return of the Paulus at CVC

On that occasion, Paulus said that tourism is tourism thanks to the community, and that he has worked in the sector for 53 years, recalling his career. He spoke about the fact that CVC is among the three largest operators in the world.

He said that his son, Gustavo Paulus, started at CVC when he was 14 years old and would like to return to the company, taking advantage of the fact that the time was right to return, and the old and faithful employees were recaptured, as well as the shares. 

They were being sold from 2010 onwards, and began to fall during the pandemic period.

About Saint Andrews Castle

Created by architect Luiz Mori Neto, it has 3 accommodation options, 11 Castle suites, 8 Mountain suites and 3 Mountain House suites (exclusive house for up to 7 people).

Among the hotel's charms are the Primrose Restaurant, run by chef Fernando Becker, the wine cellar and its numerous events, managed by sommelier Evandro Segatto. The Garden, Vale do Quilombo Viewpoint, swimming pool, spa, and Cigar Lounge.

Report and photo: Mary de Aquino.

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