Opinion on the 35th Festuris: Human Capital-Key to transformation, by event participants

The 36th edition will take place from November 7th to 10th, 2024, in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul

(Source: Mary de Aquino.)

For the first time, Barbados participated in the Gramado Tourism Festival, Kyle Gittens, senior business development officer and Russell Banfield, business development officer at BTMI (Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc) spoke about their presence as exhibitors:

"Our participation in Festuris was one of the best strategic decisions we made this year. The quality of the conversations we had convinced us that this fair should be among the activities we have planned in the Latin American region. We look forward to future opportunities to be present here" , both commented.

See other opinions on the 35th Festuris: Human Capital - Key to Transformation, from those who attended the event and what they thought of the festival's theme, in the text below:

Jussara Höppner, hotelier and executive director of Parque Mini Mundo, honored last year by the Silvia Zorzanello Trophy, from Festuris, participant in all editions. This year she paid homage to the founders of the festival and created Marta Rossi and Silvia Zorzanello dolls at Mini Mundo.

"Human capital, it was a perfect choice for the Festuris theme, which has also been our working spirit for forty years now. We have been together all this time working in favor of human capital, because there is no point in structure, there is no point in perfection, nothing of that if you don't have the love, emotion and human capital", reflected Mrs Höppner.

José Wilson dos Santos, CEO of the Vidam Group in Aracaju, visited the Luxury space and intends to exhibit in the next edition, he said - "It is worth noting the recognition of the business environment developed in the Luxury space at Festuris Gramado.

It is clear that the fair welcomed the world of luxury tourism with the purpose of strengthening the segment by expanding concepts, generating networking and big business. Leaving with the idea defined for investment in Hotel Vidam Aracaju in the 2024 version", confirming participation in the 36th edition of Festuris.

Jorge Souza, marketing director at Orinter, said that the operator took its commercial partners and suppliers to Festuris, to generate more trust in people.

An inclusion specialist was at the stand training hoteliers and receptionists to promote that Orinter is a company friendly to autistic people and the LGBTQIA+ public.

For Souza, the theme of the festival has everything to do with the company's policies, because in reality it is necessary to know how to treat people well and respect differences.

Lu Almeida, travel designer and communicator at Na Estada com Tia Lu, has been participating in Festuris Gramado for 25 years and said that it is a privilege to participate in the 35th edition - "Seeing great friends and the possibility that this fair offers to participants with many deliveries and networking is the guarantee of great business", said the communicator from Sergipe.

Gabriel Lópes, sales director in Brazil at Grupo Xcaret, said that the fair's theme of "Human capital, key to transformation", fits perfectly with the company, which is 100% Mexican and considered by employees to be one of the best companies in Mexico to work.

In addition to encouraging good service, the Xcaret Group invests in sustainability, planet, prosperity and people.  

Hugo Clarinda, Deputy Director of the Curaçao Tourist Board, one of the Festuris exhibiting countries, said that the level of human capital in any tourism company must be of good quality, with well-trained people, and that employees need to be well treated by the company owners, so that they can convey that they are happy and therefore pass this happiness on to their customers as well.

"Human capital is very important, obviously in the tourism sector, as everything depends on the customer experience, the treatment you receive from the people who work in a hotel, or in a restaurant, or in any attraction you visit to enjoy your vacation", concluded Clarinda. 

The 36th edition will take place from November 7th to 10th, 2024, in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul. This year there was no press conference at the end of the event, as usual, the CEO's - Marta Rossi and Eduardo Zorzanello went personally to thank presence of each exhibitor, as in the photo that illustrates the report.

Report and photo: Mary de Aquino.

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