Cross skiing: a winter sport you need to know!

When we talk about snow sports, the first types that come to mind are snowboarding and alpine skiing, right?

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But cross country skiing, also known as "snow marathon", is another sport widely practiced in the main ski resorts around the world. Below, you will learn about the main techniques, equipment and a fact that will leave you very impressed about cross country skiing.

There is no such thing as "easy" in this discipline

Within the entire range of snow sports, ski cross is possibly the most challenging. Here, what really counts is the physical resistance of those who decide to practice, as this modality will require you to cover large spaces with the help of two sticks. The distance of these circuits can vary between 2 and 50 km. Challenging, no?

Basic rules and techniques to master this type of skiing

To cover long distances, the practitioner can choose between two cross country skiing techniques. The first of these is the classic style, where the skier moves across the snow with parallel skis in a movement very similar to walking.

The second, in turn, is a little more complex and faster. Known as "skating" or "free style", the practitioner must make a movement of "pushing" the ski "out" with the help of the poles. It is worth mentioning that, in freestyle, you must lean your body at 45 degrees while skiing. So, would you challenge yourself in this modality?

In a competition, the rules are basically the same for classical and freestyle. In general, athletes must avoid obstructing the path of faster competitors, cannot jump the start and must avoid sudden lane changes, especially in hilly areas.

Fun fact: cross-country skiing even helped man walk on the moon

Calm down, dear reader! I'll explain this story to you. When Harrison Schmitt visited the moon in 1972 as one of the Apollo 17 spacecraft, he was able to set a moonwalk speed record using the momentum principles used in cross-country skiing. He also stated that the moon would be an ideal place to practice this type of skiing in the future.

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