Festuris: Lísia Diehl talks about the hotels and attractions of Gramado Park

Lísia Diehl has over 20 years working as a marketing strategist, with experience at Dell, Intel and Lojas Renner, including the brand's internationalization process

(Source: Mary de Aquino.)

She spoke to Travel2Latam during Festuris Gramado which took place from the 9th to the 12th of November.

"It's a huge passion to be able to work with ventures that bring happiness and fun to people's lives. Entertainment and hospitality are Gramado Parks' vocation. It's in our DNA", said Lísia Diehl.

Founded in Gramado, Serra Gaúcha, Gramado Parks is an important hospitality and entertainment group in southern Brazil. It is responsible for innovative developments such as Snowland, an indoor snow park and Acquamotion, an indoor and themed thermal water park, both located in Gramado.

The company also owns the Ferris wheels brand, Yup Star, located in Rio de Janeiro and Foz do Iguaçu. A project 88 meters high, 54 air-conditioned cabins on each Ferris wheel.

Gramado Parks employs around 1,700 employees, and has three hotels in Gramado: Bella Gramado, Exclusive Gramado and Buona Vitta.

In total there are four restaurants: Dona Lira, Opiano, Don Milo and Signature.

The Gramado Film Festival Museum is also part of Gramado Park. It is worth remembering that the Gramado Festival has 51 editions and is among the three main film festivals in Brazil and one of the most important in Latin America.

The others are the Brasília Brazilian Cinema Festival and the Rio International Festival.

There are also multi-property commercial rooms in Serra Gaúcha, Pernambuco, Foz do Iguaçu and Rio de Janeiro, these are investments that provide access to a vacation club, in the model of the VIP's Multilovers Owners Club, with discounts in hotels, parks and restaurants at owners.

At Snowland, the company maintains the Snowland Academy, a training and development initiative, where they train, train and support more than 30 professionals from four countries and 14 Brazilian states. 

The Snowland Academy is made up of dancers, artists and athletes, such as ice skaters Arthur Alcorte, Guilherme Ferrazzi and Lucaz Candria, who are the winners of the 2023 Brazilian and South American Figure Skating Championships.

Understand more about the concept of Gramado Parks' projects, one of the exhibitors at the 35th Edition of Festuris, through an interview with the brand's marketing director:

Travel2Latam: What sets Snowland apart, why does the world need to know this park?

Lísia Diehl: Snowland is unique for several reasons. It was Gramado's pioneering park and remains the largest park with real snow in the country. In October 2023, it turned 10 years old. So, “we've been making it snow in Brazil for 10 years”, a motto that guided our last campaign. 

It has 16 thousand m², with 8 thousand m² of snow area. Snow Mountain has space for skiing and skating, tubing, it's pure fun. In Vilarejo Alpino there is a large skating rink and in the Kids Area, toys for children of all ages and video games. 

Travel2Latam: Are there activities for younger children in Snowland?

Lísia Diehl: Yes! Inside the Snow Mountain we have a carousel for children up to 1m30 tall, and the Snow Village, where small snowflakes fall, with houses with very typical architecture, as exists in our imagination when we think of a city in the Swiss Alps. There is a place where visitors really connect with the snow in a moment of magic. 

The general temperature of the park is 17°C, while in the Snow Area the average is -5°C. So, it's really cold! And to access it, you need to wear appropriate waterproof clothing, which we provide and is included in the park ticket.

Travel2Latam: What is the main attraction within Snowland?

Lísia Diehl: The figure skating rink is one of the main attractions. The skating show takes place there, which is renewed frequently, always with the signature of choreographer Deborah Bell, the only one globally certified to develop figure skating choreographies on ice.

Our cast is made up of Snowland Academy members. They are world-winning professionals in figure skating.

Shows at the skating rink change frequently. At this moment, we have the Special Christmas Programming, which runs until January 10, 2024, and it includes the show “Astrid’s Christmas: An enchanted journey”, which is beautiful.

Experiencing Snowland at this time of year is having the feeling of being in the United States and being able to experience a cold, cozy Christmas, drinking hot chocolate and watching really special shows. Our Christmas program also includes other shows, plays and musicals. Everything themed!  

Travel2Latam: From frozen waters to warm waters at Acquamotion?

Lísia Diehl: Exactly. Acquamotion has been in existence for two years and is the first thermal and indoor water park in South America. It has open and covered areas, serving visitors all year round. The great fun and magic of it is that regardless of the day or time of year, whether it is summer or winter, the water temperature is always warm, naturally heated to 36°C.

Inside there are four swimming pools: Tchêbum, a wave pool, which is huge and very popular with those who like the beach atmosphere, Obah!, with massage jets and a wet bar, with more of a SPA style for those who want to relax. Acquatix, with a scenography of an enchanted forest with trees and water mirrors, for children aged 1 to 5, and Acquaplay, with slides and water slides, for children aged 6 to 12. 

Indoor there is Alegria Infinita, with an infinite edge, and Cálida and Serena, both suspended and overlooking an Araucaria forest, as we are in the middle of nature here in Gramado. All seven pools are supplied with thermal waters.

Inside the park there is also a super pleasant thermal sensation. We work with humidity so that people don't feel the transition from one pool to another. It’s an incredible experience, with “real” thermal waters!

Travel2Latam: What are the differences between Gramado Park hotels?

Lísia Diehl: Gramado Parks has three hotels. The largest hotel complex in Gramado is Buona Vitta, which is our number one hotel. It is inspired by Italian Tuscany, from architecture, room decoration to cuisine. It is a premium hotel, with a journey experience from breakfast to the comfort of the unique room.

Our second hotel is Bella Gramado. This has a Germanic concept and colonial tradition here in Serra Gaúcha. We usually say that it is the most popular of the three, and tourists from other regions have a strong preference for it. 

The Exclusive is our most contemporary hotel, with an Asian influence. We bring this more current concept to those looking for a modern experience, with events with piano and jazz. 

Travel2Latam: Who are these guests?

Lísia Diehl: We have diversified profiles according to the positioning of each hotel. Today there are more than a thousand rooms here in Gramado and the majority of our tourists, in the low and mid season, are from Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

This scenario changes during the high season and our main audience is now from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Northeast. In the summer we also have a bit of an influx of Argentine and Uruguayan tourists. I believe that, due to its tourist potential, Gramado is an itinerary that will still grow a lot within Latin America.

Travel2Latam: What campaigns have been developed to bring foreign tourists to Gramado Parks brands?

Lísia Diehl: Gramado Parks has partnered with local tourist agencies in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, mainly so that we can better promote the Gramado destination as a whole, our parks and hotels.

Travel2Latam: What's new from Gramado Parks, what are the new investments in Foz do Iguaçu in Paraná and Carneiros in Pernambuco? 

Lísia Diehl: We have the Acquan hotels, in Foz do Iguaçu, and Namareh, in Carneiros, to come, and this one will have the Aquaventura water park next to it. These are large projects with significant differences in their delivery, size and concept.

Interview and photo: Mary de Aquino.

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