Without the cold and snow, Curitiba wants to be the Christmas capital of Brazil

Human warmth, economic and artistic movement, which brings together more than a hundred free programs, taking tourists and residents to the city streets

(Source: Ricardo Marajó, prefeitura de Curitiba.)

Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, one of the three states that make up the southern region of Brazil, found a different way to celebrate Christmas. In the middle of summer, Christmas in Curitiba - Luz dos Pinhais 2023 has the largest free end-of-year program in Brazil and presents more than 100 attractions for residents and tourists, over 47 days – from November 22, 2023 to 7 January 2024. What's more: the attractions take place simultaneously, in different spaces in the city – from the most traditional to the most unusual, ensuring that not only the tourist gets to know the destination better, but the residents themselves experience the capital more.

Natal Luz de Curitiba at Parque Tanguá in 2022 – Settings set up in city parks will host Christmas carols and other attractions in the city’s tourist attractions. 

For the city of Curitiba, the expectation is to bring together 1 million people. "Christmas in Curitiba is an event of prosperity for the city, boosting the entire creative economy and the tourism sector, generating jobs and income and spreading the spirit of fraternity among people", highlighted the mayor of Curitiba, Rafael Greca.

Christmas brings together special lighting on more than 40 Christmas trees and on the facades of historic buildings, musical shows, ballets, light shows and luminous drones, Christmas circuits that can be done on foot, by bicycle or by car, as well as a carousel and ferris wheel – all free.

The Christmas program also includes a Solidarity Christmas dinner, with free meals for the elderly, unemployed and homeless people; the translation of shows into Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and accessibility on the carousel, Ferris wheel; and electric scooters for people with reduced mobility.

Attractions drive the Economy
The program is yet another reason for tourists to visit Curitiba and visitors stay in the city for another day during this period, just to enjoy the attractions. In 2022, Christmas in Curitiba attracted 980 thousand people, 30% more than in 2019, the last year before the pandemic and practically half of its population, which is 1.9 million people. Tourists injected R$72 million into the local economy last year, boosting tourism, commerce and cultural entrepreneurs. Curitiba City Hall hired around 600 professionals for the shows, including actors, actresses, dancers and backstage professionals.

Smart and Sustainable Curitiba
The capital of Paraná is the smartest city in Latin America (Latam Smart City Award – 2021), and a reference in quality of life. With a great cultural and gastronomic diversity resulting from the influence of European immigrants, Curitiba also stands out for its efficient public transport and urban mobility, as well as strong artistic production.

And the city doesn't even neglect its Christmas program: the lights needed to illuminate the Christmas decorations and support the shows occur through the municipality's Solar Pyramid, which provides clean energy generated by the photovoltaic park.

Reporting: Gisele Passos. Photo: Ricardo Marajó, Curitiba city hall.


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