Commercial aviation extremes its commitment to sustainability

More than one hundred countries and one thousand delegates will meet in Dubai this week to reaffirm their collective commitments to the transition to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), low carbon aviation fuels (LCAF) and other cleaner energy sources

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twitter“CAAF/3 meets just over a year after the historic decision by States on the long-term global goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” emphasized ICAO Council President Salvatore Sciacchitano. in his opening remarks at the event. "This agreement through ICAO is a testament to our increasingly progressive efforts to achieve coordinated action on cleaner aviation fuels and energy sources, which currently have the greatest potential for us to take urgent action on the decarbonization of the aviation".

During 2023, ICAO conducted outreach and consultation activities to gather views among States and stakeholders on their expectations for a global framework that would facilitate the scale-up of cleaner energy development, production and deployment in aviation. Financial institutions and fuel producers were also consulted on the actions necessary to boost investments in cleaner energy for aviation.

The third ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3) will present a unique opportunity to consider a clear and robust global framework to meet these expectations and build market confidence. Key elements of this framework include a collective vision for clean energy ambition, a harmonized regulatory base, supportive implementation initiatives, and concrete means to facilitate financing so that “no country is left behind.”

“While cleaner energy in aviation is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and ICAO is closely monitoring progress through its tracking tools and the LTAG inventory process, substantial investments and financing are still required in this field. . Countries have made clear that they expect ICAO to take a leadership role in bringing them together to agree on the key priorities needed for the transition to cleaner energy to take place and to provide a platform where they can develop the necessary effective partnerships with transport. aerial. , energy and finance to make sustainable aviation a global reality,” commented ICAO Secretary General, Juan Carlos Salazar.

The five-day conference  will continue in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, until November 24, and its results will send a strong message to the international community about the determination of ICAO and its Member States to address the impact of aviation on the climate global.

Source: ICAO.

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