Grupo posadas promoted its varied hotel offering at IBTM World

The renowned fair closes today, November 30, at Fira Barcelona, ​​Spain, with the presence of important actors and representatives of the sector worldwide

(Source: Travel2latam)

In this context, Travel2latam spoke with Paulina Ibarra, Group Sales Manager Europe of Grupo Posadas about the company's properties, news and main markets.

I wanted you to tell me the expectations you have in your participation in the IBTM World and what the objective of participating here is.

Well, our objective is to make the brand known, mainly I am in charge of sales for groups in Europe, so the point is to attract the European customer, mainly to Spain, Italy, England, Germany, who go to Mexico, who take their groups to Mexico and it is a mix, a bit of brand recognition. and also close some groups.

Excellent. And how has this year been for you? What balance do you make taking into account that we are already at the end of the year?

Well, for Mexico the main market is the United States and Canada. Latin America has grown a lot and Europe is a market that has great potential for Mexico and we are still looking for this part of the market to grow more.

Which properties are the most successful for the European market?

Cancun definitely and Mexico City also due to connectivity, they are the main destinations with the most direct flights from Europe so both would be the first destinations.

And what news is coming for next year?

Well we have openings. We have more properties in the Caribbean launching soon. And openings in the area of ​​Cancún, in the northern part of Playa Mujeres, which will open soon. Also another project for the Valle de Guadalupe wine area. So more things come in the chain.

And what goals do you have for next season that you can tell me about?

Well, on the European side, we can establish more groups. We are in that phase of getting them to know our brand, so we want to close a lot more business.

Speaking of brands, new brands are coming, right?

Well at the moment we are with the same ones, Live Aqua, Grand Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Americana and Explorian.

And which of them do you think will take off next year?

Live Aqua comes in several projects and Explorian would be ideal. There are some issues that have been discussed about opening more, because it is a type of hotel that Europeans really like. So, smaller hotels, more boutique or with a special concept, which for now would be ideal for the part of the market that I manage.

And which European countries are the most developed?

England and Germany, let's say, concentrate most of the companies and industries that could leave. In Spain we compete a little more with Spanish brands, so I think definitely the first two.



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