Las Américas Hotels Group announced its offer to the MICE segment

The hotel group promoted itself at the fair dedicated to the meetings segment and bet on the international market

(Source: Travel2latam)

In this context, Travel2latam spoke with Juan Fernando Gómez Carrascal, Commercial Vice President of Las Américas Hotels Group.

Well, I wanted you to tell me about your participation in IBTM. How is it turning out?

Well, it's being very positive at the moment. Well, today is the second day of the fair. Yesterday there was a lot of movement, with the first day always being a day that is normally difficult. The most important thing we have noticed or the difference we have noticed is that there is still a lot of interest in the destination. In Colombia, people come asking how they can do business, what opportunities there are to live different experiences and therefore that means that the market is being strengthened internationally and there are still great opportunities. We have to continue coming to these fairs that have great visual impact and therefore we must continue supporting this industry.

In the case of you, you have very special properties. How do you notice, let's say, about the demand, that in the comments you receive?

Well, actually, thank God, we are doing very well. We have grown, from 22 to this year, almost 15% in the international market, which perception is helping us to find that balance between the national and the international. Colombia is a country with a lot of internal movement and therefore, looking for these balances is helping us considerably to maintain a much better cash flow.

Taking into account that we are at the end of the year, what is your assessment, have the milestones that had been set at the beginning of the season been met, what is that like?

That's right, thank God we can say that the objective has been met, we are happy, we have had a good year. and we have good expectations for next year. It will be challenging like every year, but we believe that with this improvement we will hope for both national connectivity and continue working hand in hand with ProColombia because the international part is still improving a lot with greater connectivity. Therefore, we are looking forward to next year with positive expectations as well.

And what new things are coming up, how are you working to surprise many who have already visited your properties on other occasions?

Well, we are constantly innovating, we are constantly improving in quality, in service, in product, we are looking for a supremely important issue that is a directive of the Presidency, it is the issue of sustainability and therefore all the investments that are being made Throughout the year they are undoubtedly improving the guest experience.




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