Quito Tourism reaffirms its commitment to continue strengthening tourism in the capital

In a board session, Etzon Romo was appointed as the new manager of the municipal company

(Quito Turismo )

Last Thursday, December 15, the meeting of the Quito Tourism Board was held, a meeting that was headed by the mayor of the capital, Pabel muñoz, and was attended by the Secretary of Planning, Diego Martínez, the Secretary of Economic and Productive Development, Paulina Procel and the authorities of the public company Quito Turismo.

At the meeting, the first authority of the city announced the designation of Etzon Romo Torres as new head of the company, replacing María Cristina Rivadeneira, who will assume the La Mariscal Special Tourist Administration.

Romo, who served as Development Director of Quito Turismo, assumed the reins in the entity with Mayor Muñoz's request to continue positioning Quito as one of the main destinations in the world. “We have everything, absolutely everything to be a tourist power and we couldn't not do it. The largest and best preserved historic center, a geographical heritage that is a beauty, a natural heritage with the Chocó Andino and most importantly, the most important heritage of all, the people of Quito," said the mayor during his speech program. every Monday, Frecuencia Quiteña.”

Pabel Muñoz thanked Rivadeneira for the work accomplished and wished Romo, the new manager of the entity, the best success in leading this company that is part of the productive sector of the Municipality of Quito.

Etzon Romo is Ecuadorian, with extensive training in design, management and administration of programs and projects for modernization of the public sector.

Its strengths focus on planning for sustainable development and multilevel governance in project management, public administration and management, development planning, governance and, political management and management for sustainable development, with management of approaches in the life cycle. life, gender and intergenerational and citizen participation.

Among the public positions assumed are: minister of planning and development (national secretary); vice minister of the National Secretariat of Planning and Development; deputy minister coordinator of social development, technical coordinator of reform and modernization of the State; national director of decentralization of the educational system, and director of development of the Quito Tourism Metropolitan Public Company.

In addition, he has worked in international cooperation in organizations such as: Plan International, Pan American Health Organization, Fondo United Nations Population Program – UFPA, United Nations Development Program – UNDP, German Technical Cooperation – GIZ, CARE International and WWF - Ecuador.

In the area of ​​continuous training, he has provided his knowledge at the Simón Bolívar Andean University - FORGAD, aimed at strengthening the capacities of decentralized autonomous governments and at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Social Research Center - CISE , in strengthening regional government capacities.

Due to his extensive experience in State modernization processes, Etzon Romo assumes the management of Quito Tourism to rethink the development of tourism in the capital through promotion of areas such as governance, innovation, accessibility, sustainability, technology and security, axes that will promote the construction of a living tourism system in the Metropolitan District of Quito.


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