“The visibility that FITUR offers is key to positioning Ecuador as a leading tourist destination”

It values ​​the contribution of tourism to Ecuador's economy and highlights the tourism objectives for 2025 as reaching two million international tourists and employing 700,000 people

(Source: FITUR)

On the occasion of FITUR 2024, the International Tourism Fair organized by IFEMA MADRID from January 24 to 28 and in whose 44th edition it has Ecuador as a Partner Country, its Minister of Tourism Niels Olsen highlights in an interview the fundamental contribution of tourism to the economy of Ecuador, being the third most important non-oil industry in terms of income generation. Thus, in the first half of 2023, the tourism sector generated nearly 1,000 million dollars in foreign currency, marking a growth of 25.7% compared to 2022, and a sales volume of tourist activities exceeding 4,200 million dollars in January to September. The UNWTO predicts that Ecuador will recover its 2019 international tourist numbers in 2023, instead of 2024, thanks to its competitiveness and promotion activities.

Ecuador, FITUR 2024 Partner Country with a stand with a gastronomic accent

In this context of competitiveness and promotion, Ecuador is a Partner Country of FITUR 2024 and, in the words of its Minister of Tourism, “it represents a crucial strategic step towards achieving its ambitious tourism objectives. By hosting this prestigious event, Ecuador not only seeks to reach the goal of two million international tourists by 2025, an increase of 25% compared to 2019, but also to generate employment opportunities with the expectation that the tourism sector will employ 700,000 people. for that date.”

In his interview for FITUR, Niels Olsen announced that “the FITUR stand will be a historical milestone for the country and, in addition, one of the largest and most participatory at the fair with the presence of 48 private companies, reflecting the dynamism and diversity of the country's tourism offer, and with authorities from several municipalities who will promote their destinations and offer a comprehensive vision of the multiple tourism facets of Ecuador."

Inviting you to visit the stand in Pavilion 3, Olsen has highlighted the gastronomic demonstrations that will bring professionals and visitors closer to the wealth of Ecuador.

Ecuador, at the forefront of Sustainable Tourism and Violeta

In his commitment to the diversification of Ecuador's tourism sector, the head of the Tourism portfolio has highlighted the importance of promoting sustainable and responsible tourism for its "positive impact on the lives of local communities and residents and its contribution to conservation and "regeneration of its natural and cultural heritage while creating unforgettable and enriching experiences for visitors."

“Ecuador is a pioneer in a program that seeks to identify the needs of women in tourism in their role as businesswomen, collaborators and visitors. Violet Tourism serves a market niche focused on women,” highlighted Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism of Ecuador. “We also seek the revaluation of authenticity in new emerging destinations to attract national and international tourists through Pueblos y Rincones Mágicos and Best Tourism Villages in Ecuador.”

Niels Olsen, in his interview for FITUR, has highlighted the diversity of Ecuador's tourism offer. “It is a country that offers unique experiences, from the beaches and Afro-Ecuadorian culture on the Coast, to the Andean peaks and indigenous history in the Sierra, the rich biodiversity of the Amazon or the unparalleled wildlife of the Galapagos.

Ecuador's tourism sector, universal attraction and engine of economic growth

The country has a strong commitment to promoting the growth of the tourism sector and, to increase its competitiveness, it has implemented measures such as the reduction of taxes and fees and the signing of open skies agreements with the United States, which has improved its air and the recovery of its international routes. Thanks to this, from January to November 2023 the first issuing market for Ecuador has been the US, with more than 396,000 visitors, followed by Colombia, with 224,000, and Peru, with more than 110,000.

In fourth place, Spain, which has reached 100,000 in this period. “In recent years, the flow of tourists and connectivity between Spain and Ecuador has experienced a notable evolution,” explains Olsen. “In 2022 it received 58% more Spanish visitors compared to 2021, which represented a recovery of 95% of pre-pandemic numbers. In terms of air connectivity, the Ecuador-Madrid-Ecuador route in 2022 had 46.04% more passengers than in 2021 with a demand of 73.59% of the seats offered,” he continues.

Finally, Olsen has highlighted the important role of tourism for the national economy and places it as one of the most important sectors in generating employment as it supports more than half a million families throughout the country. Furthermore, it not only generates direct employment, but at least 52 other activities benefit from this industry such as gastronomy, artisan trade, conservation of natural areas or the preservation of cultural heritage. “This translates into a multiplier effect that benefits local communities, promotes entrepreneurship and encourages the development of infrastructure in various regions,” concluded the Minister of Tourism of Ecuador.



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