Tourism in Chile looks promising

Sergio Purcell, General Manager of COCHA, shares his opinion on the current situation of tourism activity in the country

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It is encouraging to see that we have managed to promote the long-awaited reactivation of our sector. Fortunately, tourism has recovered sales levels comparable to those before the pandemic, which is an extremely positive indicator of recovery.

The post-COVID landscape has been marked by trends both internationally and locally, which are shaping the new normal of tourism. Globally, we see increased awareness of sustainability, growth in adventure tourism, and an appreciation for local culture and cuisine. In this sense, Chile, with its biodiversity, spectacular landscapes and a constantly developing culinary scene, is well positioned to capitalize on these preferences.

At the local level, nature tourism, wine tourism and the creation of thematic routes are experiencing notable growth. Recently, we have been honored with recognition as Best Adventure Tourism Destination in South America at the World Travel Awards 2023, an achievement that demonstrates Chile's potential as a destination for adventure lovers. However, we still have important challenges ahead, especially in promoting places like Punta Arenas to attract and retain cruise ships, for example.

The tourism industry has not remained immune to technological advances. Various tools have acquired relevance in our industry, from online booking to the personalization of experiences, with virtual reality, facial recognition and artificial intelligence being key elements that improve the traveler experience and optimize processes.

Along with the above, the changes generated by the pandemic have shaped a new tourist profile, focused on health, safety and flexibility in travel plans. It is essential that the industry adapts and responds to these demands to meet the current needs of travelers.

The future of tourism in Chile looks promising, but not without challenges. The most important thing is to improve and not lose air, national and international connectivity. An example of this: this month, four companies that travel to North America - United, American, Air Canada and Aeromexico - announced a reduction in their flight offer for the winter season between April and October. The other relevant challenge is to leverage the promotion of Chile at a global level, highlighting our advantages and those of our subcontinent. 

Along with this, the diversification of offers, sustainability, the improvement of national and international connectivity, investment in infrastructure and technology, as well as global promotion, are crucial aspects to guarantee a prosperous and lasting future.

Chile has vast and diverse tourism potential, and it is essential to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities strategically. With careful planning and a firm commitment to sustainability, Chile is destined to establish itself as a world-class tourist destination for years to come.

Sergio Purcell

General Manager of COCHA

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