Ecuador issues a statement on the situation of tourism in the country

The Minister of Tourism Niels Olsen Peet has released detailed details about the state of our industry in his country

(Source: Ministerio de Ecuador )

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador sent a statement to the media tonight where its highest authority provides details about the situation there. Share the same below.

Continuing with our commitment to maintain constant and transparent communication about the state of the situation, the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador brings to your attention the following report: The promulgation of Executive Decrees 110 and 111 by the National Government have been steps essential to provide our armed forces and police with the legal framework necessary to act decisively. These actions are guided by a clear objective: to restore peace and security for the citizens of Ecuador and our visitors. A goal that, day after day, we are successfully achieving.

Since January 10, we have observed a drastic reduction in incidents throughout the national territory. The operations carried out by public forces with the support of international allies have been effective and the support of the Ecuadorian people for these decisive government actions is evident.

Today, January 11, we are gradually experiencing a return to normality. The strictest security measures are maintained in specific areas of the country, while, in most of the territory, only routine operations are carried out.

In the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands, tourist operations are developing without impact. No violent incidents have been recorded. Hotels, guides and the community in general are in a state of tranquility, oblivious to the disturbances.

Cruise activity continues its usual course, while air connectivity with the archipelago and the Amazon remains operational and regular, guaranteeing accessibility and mobility without setbacks. In the capital, Quito; hotels, tourist services and various activities continue to operate. No interruptions have been reported in any of the tourist services.

Our airports, seaports and roads are operational, with enhanced security measures to ensure the safety of all travelers. These key infrastructures have continued to operate without interruptions except for some specific flights that suffered itinerary changes or cancellations but are currently operating normally.

The streets and highways of Ecuador remain open and accessible for use, respecting the curfew hours established from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Security on these roads is guaranteed through controls carried out by public forces at strategic points. This joint effort ensures a safe and orderly environment for everyone, both during the day and during curfew hours.

Despite the shocking images spread by some media, Ecuador is successfully working to restore normality; and its communities dedicated to tourism, keep their doors open to receive visitors with the same warmth and hospitality as always. The Ministry of Tourism invites our next visitors to maintain their travel plans to our country.

Ecuador is and will continue to be a fascinating destination, full of cultural wealth, natural beauty and unmatched human warmth. We will continue to be, for a long time to come, that magical and captivating place that welcomes travelers from all over the world.

The Ministry of Tourism will permanently communicate updates to this information through its official channels: X @TurismoEc and on our Facebook page at / MinisterioTurismoEcuador

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