The Italian region of Sardinia was present at FITUR 2024

The International Tourism Fair is being held at IFEMA Madrid from Wednesday 24th and will run until January 28th, being a promotional space for various destinations, including Cagliari, capital of the island of Sardinia

(Source: Travel2latam)

In this context, Travel2latam had the opportunity to talk with Giuseppina Scorrano, Head of International Promotion of the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce.

What does participating in this fair mean to you?

For us it is very important, because we are sentimentally linked to Spain. The Spanish have been with us for 500 years, and we even have a kind of linguistic union, because we have many words and expressions in Spanish; so there is a very strong relationship with this fair in particular.

In addition, there are many representatives from Latin America, where we would like to get closer. This could be the first opportunity to make this fair profitable, because there is a representation of Latin America that cannot be seen in any other fair in the world. We are present in the European world, where we go to the most important tourism events, but there is not such a massive attendance from this region. So a convention like this opens the door for us to be able to talk with them.

For you it is important to highlight on this occasion the Nautical Hotels that Cagliari has…

Exactly, there will soon be the opening of several high-end 5-star hotels. A law has also been enacted that regulates hotels in general, which is a seal of sustainability for accommodations, both large and small resorts. This is part of an ongoing quest for quality improvement in the region. Tourists usually like Sardinia because it is objectively beautiful, but in addition, the continuous search to improve quality standards is very evident. We have restaurants, bars and hotels, all high-end. 

What is the plan for 2024 for Sardinia?

There are elections right now and they always involve change. However, I don't think anyone will violate established values. That is, identity, quality, environmental quality and sustainability. I believe that this is the path outlined and it will be maintained.


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